Buried Child
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Buried Child

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Great acting, Intense, Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Slow

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The New Group presents Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play about an American family struggling to overcome the many obstacles in the way of the American Dream. Starring Ed Harris.

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876 Reviews | 906 Followers
Disappointing, Cliched, Great acting, Bad writing, Boring

See it if great acting. Many 5-min segments are entertaining in themselves. But the actions character take to link them are just illogical. not clever

Don't see it if it's one soap box after another. no character asks any questions we'd like explained. And the only one they do, the title already answered.

851 Reviews | 1007 Followers
Entertaining, Confusing, Great acting, Weird, Slow

See it if You like strange stories w/ odd characters. It has good moments & performances but I felt unfulfilled by unanswered questions by the end.

Don't see it if You arent satisfied by a shows that don't explain why characters are the way they are. I waited for some big reveal that never came.

965 Reviews | 339 Followers
Overrated, Slow, Confusing, Disappointing, Insipid

See it if you love Sam Shepard's work. I don't so, naturally, this production was disappointing to me. Some, but not all, of the acting was strong.

Don't see it if you want a plot that makes sense; there are so many red herrings that if feels like Shepard forgot what he was doing.

983 Reviews | 229 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Edgy, Excruciating, Great staging

See it if you like great acting, staging and Sam Shepard.

Don't see it if If you are faint of heart or squeamish, very deep and brutal at times.

677 Reviews | 187 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Riveting

See it if you want to see some really fine acting in a solid revival of one of Sam Shepard's best plays.

Don't see it if you are squeamish and/or prefer your family dramas to be conventional.

605 Reviews | 226 Followers
Slow, Intense, Edgy, Quirky, Disappointing

See it if You're a big Ed Harris fan and want to see him at the top of his game.

Don't see it if You generally dislike Sam Shepard plays.... This won't help.

501 Reviews | 103 Followers
Riveting, Profound

See it if You like Sam Sheppard. The acting is good and the story is messed up which I like.

Don't see it if you don't like Sam S. You either like his stuff or you don't

384 Reviews | 231 Followers
Great acting, Edgy, Original, Riveting, Quirky

See it if You want to see a great performance by Ed Harris in a fine revival of Sam Shepard's engrossing show.

Don't see it if You are not into quirky plays about dysfunctional families. This one is REALLY dysfunctional.

Critic Reviews (38)

The New York Times
February 17th, 2016

"Mr. Elliott and his starry cast give us a thoughtful, lucid presentation that’s absorbing enough to remind us of why it’s always worth revisiting…The greatest strength and weakness of Mr. Elliott’s production lie in its determined prosiness...It wants us to listen to Mr. Shepard’s characters as if they truly were members of our own family, so that they can sucker-punch us when we feel most unguarded...It muffles its climactic shocks."
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Time Out New York
February 18th, 2016

"Directed by Scott Elliott and anchored by a deeply textured yet effortless performance by Ed Harris, the revival doesn’t strain for shock, emphasizing ordinary rather than grotesque aspects of its characters’ lives...The ensemble is packed with veteran talent...While this may not be the finest 'Buried Child' you’ll see, the play only comes around every 20 years, and it’s worth a homecoming."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
February 17th, 2016

"Unfortunately, and despite two excellent performances, neither story seems terribly urgent in the New Group’s limp revival...Ed Harris, all gaunt charisma, brings specificity and gravity to a role that can sometimes seem merely symbolic…And as Halie, Dodge’s wife, Amy Madigan imbues that chatterbox harridan with an angry dignity that helps balance the tale even if it does not always seem authorized…Once we get past Dodge and Halie, though, the production starts to wobble."
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The Hollywood Reporter
February 17th, 2016

"What once seemed so provocative, so daring in its assault on the American family and society in general, now comes across as windy and pretentious…For 'Buried Child' to have the desired impact, it must be presented with a bracing theatricality that this tame production never musters. Director Scott Elliott gives the work a naturalistic treatment that only emphasizes its strained aspects...The performances are somewhat disappointing as well."
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February 17th, 2016

"Shepard’s theatrical idiom is stark poetic realism that gradually gives way to surreal lunacy...Shepard’s idiosyncratic style is not for the faint of heart, as this tentative production illustrates. In general, the actors seem all too aware that they’re acting in a seminal 20th century work about the collapse of an agrarian economy, the breakdown of the family and the death of the American Dream. They should keep a closer eye on Harris, "
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February 17th, 2016

"A fine but wayward cast led by Ed Harris and Amy Madigan makes an almost unwatchable mess of Sam Shepard’s ferocious drama 'Buried Child'...'Buried Child' is a family melodrama in which an American dream — of abundance, familial love — are subsumed in a putrifying reality that can only pass down from one generation to the next. All sense of this is absent from Elliott’s production, which speeds by in a single act as if to caution us against thinking too hard about how clueless it is."
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New York Post
February 19th, 2016

“The main reason to see ‘Buried Child’ is Harris and Madigan. Harris spends most of the show on a threadbare couch and somehow manages to be charismatic anyway…Some of the supporting roles are a little wonkier. Farmiga gives a mannered performance but it reinforces her stranger-in-a-strange-land status and she makes it work for her.”
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New York Daily News
February 17th, 2016

"Harris’ unforced and potent performance in the New Group’s revival makes this engaging but unevenly acted production worthwhile...Cast against type by director Scott Elliott, 'Mad Man' alum Sommer effectively taps his dark side as Bradley. Sparks, as always, is magnetic. Madigan and Farmiga need to dig deeper to make their characters less one-note. 'Buried Child' isn’t exactly subtle but it still grabs and sends shivers."
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