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Carefully Taught

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Astoria Performing Arts Center presents the world premiere of a tale that challenges us to examine our perceptions of race in contemporary culture. More…

A modern-day drama that centers on the friendship of two schoolteachers–one black and one white. The story of an African-American and a White school teacher whose friendship and lives are affected when a racial issue arises at their school. Their bond is shaken when one loses her job, and questions of loyalty and unspoken prejudice rise to the surface.


"Thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable, mesmerizing. Those are the words that best describe 'Carefully Taught,' a new play by Cheryl L. Davis and directed by Pat Golden...Without being offensive or stereotypical, each actor moves seamlessly between each of their roles and the races of their characters. But in addition to tackling heavy topics, and making me think and question certain things, it also made me laugh." Full Review

Theater In The Now

"'Carefully Taught' is truly fascinating. The themes and topics Davis brings up are important and thought provoking...the way Davis structures the story is a bit problematic. Davis tries mightily hard to play with duality. And it’s certainly a stimulating idea. But the split scenes that Davis offers are a bit difficult to play on stage...'Carefully Taught' is anything but careful. It’s daring. And should be praised. But Cheryl L. Davis’ storytelling could use some more workshopping." Full Review

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