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The Storm Theatre Company presents a surreal journey into the imagination of the writer as mentally wrestles with the omnipotent subject of his drama; winner of the Olivier award for Best Play. More…

Moscow, 1938. A dangerous place to have a sense of humour; even more so a sense of freedom. Mikhail Bulgakov, living among dissidents, stalked by secret police, has both. And then he’s offered a poisoned chalice: a commission to write a play about Stalin to celebrate his sixtieth birthday.

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January 22nd, 2016
"A mordantly satiric tragicomedy... A sharp, clever look at a genius under a totalitarian regime, brilliantly acted by a large cast of character actors...However, the style of the performance is a little too literal for its surrealistic carnival-type atmosphere, the colorful cast of characters as...
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January 17th, 2016
"The stakes didn't seem high at all to begin with, making Bulgakov's change of heart devoid of value. The turning point happens all to quickly, leaving us little to no time to feel his anguish. From that point on, both his physical and economical situation improve and so does that of those he lov...
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January 17th, 2016
"Elements of 'Collaborators' are very appealing: Robin Haynes, as the secret police officer Vladimir is hilarious and complex and his character evolves intriguingly throughout the piece…Hodge’s play is cleverly written if a bit long-winded at times. Director Peter Dobbins has delivered the play a...
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February 8th, 2016
"As they race through short scenes that are meant to overlap but do not, they have little opportunity to make more than an impression of a character in each vignette. The performances are uneven, but they do all find moments in which to shine...Act I is too long, and pace feels frenetic even as t...
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