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Don Juan

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Molière’s lampoon of the Don Juan legend sees Heaven and Earth coming together in an outlandish partnership to seal the fate of the unrepentant rascal. More…

Don Juan has just gotten married—so naturally it’s time for him to get out of town. Thus begins the strangest road trip in history; a madcap journey by sea and land in which our “hero” lies, cheats, blusters, and seduces his way across the world—much to the dismay of his honest but dim servant—in an effort to escape his blushing bride’s outraged family. But there’s an unearthly surprise waiting at the end of their road. Perhaps Molière’s most quixotic farce, "Don Juan" teases the limits of reality, and brings the natural and supernatural into an outlandish partnership to seal the fate of one deliciously unrepentant rascal.

Lighting & Sound America

"There is a more serious play inside these antics, and it often struggles to get out. But there is also plenty to like, in any case, this is a rare chance to meet up with one of drama's most famous characters, and as such it is unlikely to disappoint." Full Review


"Under Hal Brooks' direction, Don Juan simmers with fine performances and a well-adapted script, but it never quite reaches a boil...The play's humor is often blunted when the script becomes burdened by long lines of alliterative language...The show goes by at a clip, but it would have really taken off if Brooks had amped up the camp a bit more. Though the Pearl's Don Juan isn't quite second-date material, it's fun enough to flirt with for an evening." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"The play is laugh-a-minute hilarious...As to the current version of Molière’s play, while the lines are funny, there is no trajectory. We have incident after repetitive incident, but little analysis. It’s static. Wisdom overheard in the ladies’ room: 'There’s no plot.' 'It’s like a long session of ‘Can You Top This?’" Full Review

Theater News Online

"Jess Burkle’s ultra-jokey, up-to-the-second adaptation, funny as it can sometimes be, and Hal Brooks’ broad if occasionally inventive direction often overwhelm the more serious aspects of the classic 17th-century dramedy. Ultimately, Moliere’s point gets made, but the whole affair sometimes has the feel of a drawn-out Saturday Night Live sketch that intermittently lands its punches...the wages of sin are clearly second fiddle to the spoils of the war between the sexes in this telling." Full Review

The New York Times

"By reframing Molière in modern, colloquial language, Mr. Burkle means to bring “Don Juan” closer to us and have a bit of fun. He succeeds only intermittently...Molière’s play is a weird one, what with the talking statue that shows up for dinner, but it’s also rooted in a Christian culture whose rules Don Juan is flouting. Plotwise, the adaptation retains those elements. But in their pursuit of silliness, leave their antihero without a foil and their play without a context." Full Review

Ambitious, Quirky, Raunchy, Silly, Disappointing

See it if you've never seen Don Juan before (I hadn't). Not much plot; lots of episodes of bad behavior. The statue that comes to life is weird fun.

Don't see it if you want a fully satisfying theater outing. DJ was interesting at first, but got repetitive. Modern language was a bit jarring.

Also I'm catching up on old reviews. Don Juan was a polished production, bu... Read more Read less

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