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Dr. Ride's American Beach House
West Village

Dr. Ride's American Beach House NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Great acting, Slow, Quirky, Ambitious, Confusing

About the Show

Set in Missouri on the night before Dr. Sally Ride's historic launch into space, Ars Nova's world premiere explores sexual politics, power, and repression between three friends in 1983.

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Exquisite, Great acting, Great writing, Absorbing, Riveting

See it if You like shows that mesmerize. This somehow balances beautifully on that line of being about everything and nothing simultaneously.

Don't see it if You’re looking for fast paced or lots of action. This is one of those shows that creeps up into your head and kind of blooms like a flower. Read more

Moving, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Profound, Exquisite

See it if Repressed lesbian best friends hang out and plumb their identities. Made me feel the ongoing struggle of finding myself. Inspiring.

Don't see it if You don’t like character development plays where the action is inside the mind. A wind blows away the fog of confusion and lets in hope. Read more

Critic Reviews (12)

November 5th, 2019

CRITIC’S PICK "Getting Intimate at ‘Dr. Ride’s American Beach House’: In a witty new play by Liza Birkenmeier, restless friends find themselves challenged by the first American woman in space."
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November 8th, 2019

4/5 Stars "The route of Birkenmeier’s plot is tightly mapped in retrospect, but full of worthy little detours into character...'Dr. Ride' takes its sweet time to rev up, but it goes the distance when the engine kicks in. It’s a specific and evocative depiction of identity and power at a crossroads."
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November 6th, 2019

"After 80 luscious minutes of conversation, the company somehow has material for a whole nother play, a ten-minute scorcher between Sally Ride (Sieh) and an old friend Molly (Markey)...The play itself just keeps soaring up and up and up."
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November 6th, 2019

"Dr. Ride's American Beach House and the Secret Lives of Lesbians in the 1980s: Sally Ride's historic space journey inspires four women on a St. Louis rooftop."
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November 5th, 2019

"A conversation piece for four women who take to a St. Louis rooftop…its air of laziness extends to the playwright, Liza Birkenmeier, who -- despite her knack for distinctive dialogue and a certain offhand, off-the-wall wit -- can't be bothered to come up with anything like drama."
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November 5th, 2019

4/5 Stars: "A sensitive work by an up-and-coming playwright. Ars Nova, a company that discovers and nurtures new artists, adds Birkenmeier's name to the roster of young dramatists whose future plays can be pleasantly anticipated."
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November 7th, 2019

"Has all the elements of a fascinating drama but as presented by Ars Nova at Greenwich House it is all about subtext and undercurrents which may go right over the heads of many audience members. Little happens but there is much tedious talk which is a cover-up for what goes unsaid."
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November 7th, 2019

"It's a play that sneaks up on you, lingering long after the lights come up. Even days later I find myself going back to certain scenes. While set at a very specific moment in time, the feelings of being unsatisfied with life are universal."
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November 5th, 2019

"Liza Berkenmeier's historically inspired play offers a meditation on queer desire and repression."
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November 12th, 2019

"'Dr. Ride's American Beach House' does not rise to an epic tale of 'queer anti-heroes' forging a pathway to self-acceptance and claiming true power and control. Under Katie Brook's direction, the cast does what it can to authenticate their character's conflicts despite the weakness of Liza Birkenmeier's script."
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November 5th, 2019

"Small, slow and seemingly random, existing almost entirely as subtext…largely about repressed desire….a payoff at the end that might not be enough for many theatergoers…yet, there are many moments where we feel encouraged to bask in their friendship."
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November 10th, 2019

"Birkenmeier's play bravely imagines what it was like when being gay involved claustrophobic secrets, blind struggle and a stepping into the void to create a reality without social or cultural precedence."
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