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Embers, Unveiling, Abortive

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Invisible Girls Theatre Company presents and evening of three short plays from three modern masters: Samuel Beckett's 'Embers,' Václav Havel's 'Unveiling,' and Caryl Churchill's 'Abortive.' More…

The plays center around the themes of marriage, material comforts, and spiritual decay.

In 'Embers,' Henry's father ended his life in the sea and for the rest of his life Henry is doomed to the sound of the waves roaring in his ears. For twenty years he has talked incessantly to drown the tempest of his father's watery grave. His wife, Ada, chatters and listens and endures; his child goes through the incidents of a child's life and still the sea roars in the background.

The satirical 'Unveiling,' focuses around Havel's protagonist Vaněk and his friendly visit to a couple who are unveiling their newly-decorated apartment.

In 'Abortive,' Roz and Colin are having a difficult time with sex, largely because of an invisible yet forbidding barrier between them.

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February 27th, 2016
"The juxtaposition [of the plays] was not only imaginatively conceived but, equally important, it was intelligently and creatively executed...A lot is packed into that brief hour-and-a-half...The entire production gets by with a minimal set, which presents no real problem in 'Abortive' and 'Ember...
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