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Quirky, Clever, Entertaining, Refreshing, Confusing

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Bucket Club presents the story of a scientist who confronts the mythical and the monstrous to come to terms with the disappearance of her father. Part of 59E59's annual Brits Off Broadway festival.

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Delightful, Clever, Funny, Great staging, Fantastic music

See it if imaginative theatrical production amuses you. This piece uses a delightfully creative approach to story telling. And the music is marvelous

Don't see it if you have a narrow world view which does not accept the compression of time and experice necessary for theatrical performance.

Great staging, Gripping, Unique, Exciting, Scrappy

See it if you like scrappy, inventive productions of intimate plays that make stage magic out of a handful of props and cool onstage music-making.

Don't see it if you only care for the spectacle of super high production value. This is refreshingly theatrical and creative and affecting.

Critic Reviews (16)

The New York Times
May 2nd, 2017

“Narratively slight and at least a little nutty, this piece is deft in form and nifty in presentation…The production tantalizes with, rather than delivers on, its theme…It ends at least a scene too soon…Under Nel Crouch’s direction, these three performers act, score and narrate with scientific precision and obvious warmth. It’s very likely that you don’t believe in the Loch Ness monster and you may not believe in ‘Fossils.’ But you should have faith in these actors.”
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May 5th, 2017

"This is a show like no other. It has an intriguing plot that is conveyed with clever staging and ingenious storytelling devices. Performed in an intimate theatre space, it mesmerizes the audience from the first minute to the last...The cast is ideal in their roles...Special touches make this show pop...The musical effects with live electronic sound help to bring the mood of the show to life...A truly fascinating show. You will be thinking about it long after the curtain call."
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Lighting & Sound America
May 3rd, 2017

“A tight, cohesive ensemble…It's all very clever, but, as ‘Fossils’ goes on, it's hard to escape the feeling that the members of the company are more interested in their storytelling method than in the story they have to tell. This seems especially so in the last fifteen minutes or so, which, frankly, are hard to follow...Thus, a piece that begins on an engaging note gradually loses interest…The work of some very talented young people who need to hone their narrative skills.”
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May 9th, 2017

“Though the printed script, such as it is, is credited to Nel Crouch, she is listed in the program as only the director, and ‘Fossils’ is rather ‘by’ Bucket Club, described as an ‘associate company.’ Such confusion is perpetrated throughout the production: it's hard to say if, in the end of this extremely low-tech presentation, Vanessa has actually encountered the Monster—and/or her father—or not. ‘Fossils’ is apparently more about what doesn't happen than what does.”
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Theatre is Easy
May 12th, 2017

"An enthralling, one-of-a-kind production...The performers all have terrific chemistry, playing off one another with ease, and imbuing humor into each line and gesture...There are loads of clever storytelling devices and jokes that build upon the show's themes, making this the sort of the show you would probably have to see twice in order to catch everything...All of this makes 'Fossils' the sort of innovative, knock-you-off-your-seat show you hope to chance upon."
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Theatre's Leiter Side
May 2nd, 2017

“Although 'Fossils' doesn't seem to have been created as devised theatre, it uses similar directorial touches whereby minimalist techniques using found objects help create a large world on a small budget…There's nothing especially new in this kind of staging but it has a certain charm…Vinten, Farrell, and Ridley succeed in keeping us involved in Crouch's slight, quirky piece, their occasional infusions of dry humor and music leavening the atmosphere.”
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May 11th, 2017

"A compelling hour of theatrical storytelling that is as fully dramatic, mysterious, and tender as you could ever hope to see...Ingeniously directed by Nel Crouch...The lovingly told story is a beautiful blend of brains and heart. Without much more than some simple plastic toy dinosaurs, the three very talented cast members bring everything to commanding life for a marvelous hour of theater."
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Off Off Online
May 2nd, 2017

“One of the great virtues of devised work is company chemistry, and Vinten, Farrell, and Murphy have it in spades...They clearly relish the work and take pleasure in one another’s presence…The music is just about perfect…If only there were a more interesting story to hang it all on. Crouch keeps things moving at a nice clip, and the play demonstrates a thorough understanding of academic life (despite its hackneyed character types), but the play putters to an unsatisfying non-ending.”
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Edinburgh Guide
August 21st, 2016
For a previous production

"It’s a good-looking production with fittingly scientific overtones–all Perspex boxes and flashing lights, and the layered soundtrack of voices, Theremin-like and looped noises is a triumph. The use of lame humor and toy dinosaurs, whilst injecting somewhat nerdy charm, falls a little flat and some of the plot lines are insufficiently chased down. A well-crafted and enjoyable scientific jaunt, but not quite engaging enough to be found a pleasure-isuarus."
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The Stage (UK)
August 12th, 2016
For a previous production

"Helen Vinten captures the scientist's theoretical and personal struggles, generously supported by Adam Farrell and David Ridley as everyone else, and the playwright directs with clever touches that keep alive the tension between serious science and science-as-play...The play moves a little too quickly once the action shifts to Scotland...But it ends, quite deliberately, without resolving any of the personal or professional issues it raises."
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The List
August 4th, 2016
For a previous production

"The excellent three-strong cast multi-task superbly between roles...But it's director Nel Crouch and designer Rebecca Wood's inventive, lo-fi staging that really steals the show, using the simplest of means to create a magical, melancholy world of loss and remembrance...'Fossils's' enigmatic closing scenes might feel rather abrupt, but it's a captivating, poignant reflection on love, longing and the importance of mystery in all our lives."
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August 16th, 2016
For a previous production

"This could be a far clumsier experiment if it weren't for the confident realism projected by all three actors, the convincing laboratory setting and scientifically bogus 'equipment' they handle, but most of all for the perfected underscore of sound and original music devised by cast members...Technically faultless, this is an object lesson in how to take a simple character-driven story and by sheer stagecraft elevate it to another level of experience."
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August 15th, 2016
For a previous production

"Simplistic set and straightforward narrative...Its strength lies with the cast, three extremely strong naturalistic actors who multi-role, play violin, and produce all the live electronic sounds...However, on the whole the story unfortunately and surprisingly did not emotionally affect me, nor interest me. I actually left feeling slightly disappointed. ‘Fossils’ is enjoyable, but not memorable."
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A Younger Theatre
August 16th, 2016
For a previous production

"What Bucket Club does so well is not just tell a story but truly immerse you in it...It’s not just these quirky bits that delight; it’s the actors themselves interacting with them...Designer Wood has brought her ingenuity and director Crouch has expertly led this team to what is a show of the highest quality. Perhaps I feel the story isn’t quite as magical as 'Lorraine and Alan' and its tale of Selkies but songs such as 'Spare Me Please' pull this show into a realm of its own."
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Broadway Baby
August 16th, 2016
For a previous production

"An intriguing play...The music in its own right is exceptionally good, although at times distracting from the main narrative...The style of the production is excellent, moving from stylized movement and abstract representation to moving and sincere interactions between characters...At times the writing felt a little stilted and cliched, and perhaps could benefit from some editing, but all in all, 'Fossils' is a fantastically inventive piece of theatre with a charming story."
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August 8th, 2016
For a previous production

"Tonally confusing, but stylistically, the production’s own idiosyncrasies assemble something that is consistently arresting, and at times quite beautiful...'Fossils' is at its strongest during its more musical segments, carefully positioned and expertly composed as they are. The performers are capable enough, but the characters are awfully thinly drawn and the play ends prematurely. Worth a watch for the music alone however, 'Fossils' only just misses out on a four-star rating."
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