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Shame of Thrones: The Rock Musical

Members say: Quirky, Hilarious, Funny, Fluffy, Clever
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The producers of 'Lost: The Musical' and 'Once Upon a Time: The Rock Opera' present this unauthorized rock parody of HBO’s tentpole fantasy drama.

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'Shame of Thrones: The Rock Musical' follows the saga of Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark as he battles tap dancing direwolves, an evil inbred prince, and a smattering of other characters too hot and raunchy for network television. Will Ned climb his way to the Iron Throne? Or will he lose his head in the process?

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The New York Times

"With breakneck pacing, the show blends deep affection for 'Thrones' with a keen satirical eye...While 'The Rock Musical' only covers the early seasons, it nevertheless feels overstuffed. But the show benefits mightily from Katie Stegeman’s evocatively absurd costumes. And a hushed, partly a cappella number from the principal actresses inspires rapture: 'Stronger,' which celebrates the 'Thrones' tradition of powerful women. It is a tribute a dragon or anyone else could love." Full Review


"This is an unauthorized parody. We don't expect it to be brilliant, but we do expect it to be funny. It sometimes gets there...The rest of the musical doesn't so much comment on the story as it unimaginatively retells season one...The book mostly reaches for low-hanging fruit...By the second act even the writers seem to grow bored of their subject. 'Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical' should only be experienced by super-fans...Everyone else should avoid this musical like greyscale." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"This two-act tuner has plenty of laughs, but it too often feels like a hastily-assembled college production...The show’s script does a surprisingly good job recapping the first season of the blockbuster show...Of course, the whole enterprise is much funnier if you did watch the series...Perhaps my biggest issue with the show (aside from some ill-chosen casting) is the score, which seems fairly unnecessary...None of the show’s dozen numbers would really be missed." Full Review

Show Showdown

"Largely succeeds in getting laughs...Bad news: it's often difficult to impossible to hear what's going on...'Shame of Thrones' is a pretty fun couple of hours and I suspect it could be a very fun couple of hours if all the jokes and singing could be heard. The cast ranges from D+ to B+; happily, there are more of the latter than the former...I would recommend the show to anyone who knows and loves 'Game of Thrones.'" Full Review

Stage Buddy

“A completely unauthorized parody...which includes rock heavy dance numbers, making fun of Jon Snow...and an appearance by author George R.R. Martin...Focuses predominantly on the first season of the series...The actual concept may seem a little too out there, but it actually works...There were quite a few dance numbers, and none of them were disappointing...Almost all the lyrics were silly and playful." Full Review

Entertainment Weekly

"It’s like a musical sketch put together by a group of local suburban high school students who like getting to feel edgy by saying swear words and humping each other...It’s difficult to call the show a satire when it never actually commits to satirizing anything...The songs have lyrics that feel like a random passerby on the street was held at gunpoint and told to write some rhymes as fast as possible...This isn’t a good show." Full Review

Pop Culture Beast

for a previous production “The performers were mostly solid, with only a few rough spots. The songs are serviceable, with the standout being ‘Stronger’...The rest of the show never really grabbed me…Even if they did get the sound balance right, though, this isn’t cutting, clever comedy…It tells the story, adds some references to the meta world of TV production, and generally makes some serviceable jokes along the way. This show had a lot of potential and a lot to work with. It managed to deliver a reasonable result.” Full Review

Film School Rejects

for a previous production “‘Game of Thrones: The Musical’ has fun poking fun at its source material and then some…The team’s dedication to the production shows in each carefully crafted number and tightly woven scene that combines multiple character subplots while keeping the show light, campy, and outrageously funny…While it borders on hammy at times, the cast goes ham in full force it’s commendable…There are moments, though, when the jokes wear thin.” Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews
Avg Score

Indulgent, Cliched, Slow, Dated, Fluffy

See it if You love GOT so much you must see everything about it, enjoy low budget, tacky musicals, know people in the cast

Don't see it if You would see this as insulting to GOT, you know nothing about GOT, you expect more than Season I jokes, don't like recorded music

Quirky, Disappointing, Overrated

See it if You want to see some mildly catchy songs that parody Game of Thrones - but not particularly well.

Don't see it if You're not a fan of Game of Thrones. Or you're a major fan who will be annoyed by the nonspecific, loose parodying. Or you're sober.

Indulgent, Disappointing, Excruciating, Overrated, Fluffy

See it if You enjoy Party City Halloween costumes, D-list talent & desperate music/lyrics. A few actors are ok but the show is just sooooo bad.

Don't see it if You set the bar high when seeing musical theatre. Even this I gave a low chance at being good but I couldn’t wait for intermission to leave.

Delightful, Great acting, Relevant, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if you are a fan of the show and/or books and are open to a humorous take on them

Don't see it if you have not seen the show and/or read the books - there are spoilers!

Funny, Clever, Quirky

See it if you are a fan of Game of Thrones and are up to date on watching the show. It's ridiculous and funny.

Don't see it if you aren't up to date on the show. There are spoilers!

Funny, Clever, Quirky, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You are a Game of Thrones fan

Don't see it if You have never read the first GOT book or watched the HBO series, season one

Funny, Dizzying, Quirky, Hilarious, Fluffy

See it if you love Game of Thrones! You love attending Renaissance Fares...WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!!??

Don't see it if You would NEVER go to a Renaissance Faire! Especially DO NOT SEE if you do not watch GoT...you will be LOST!