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Ghost Rings

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Members say: Great singing, Confusing, Disappointing, Entertaining

About the show

Experimental performance troupe Half Straddle presents a theatrical pop-song cycle that burrows and soars through the twisted layers of emotion between sisters, friends, and lovers. More…

With text and lyrics by Tina Satter, and music by Chris Giarmo and Erin Markey, 'Ghost Rings' unfurls a narrative of contemporary friendship and family making told through evocative performance and design. Mixing deadpan magical realism with the considerations of feminist thinkers, the piece is a tender and comic musical experience.

New York Theatre Review

"Featuring excellent performances, a blood-pumping score, and heartrending biography, 'Ghost Rings' is a haunting blend of mediums...The piece’s absurd dream logic can be occasionally frustrating...But any frustration is quickly washed away by the power of the music...From start to finish, a striking mix of childlike glee and grown-up melancholy. The sights and sounds of 'Ghost Rings' will linger in your mind long after you see it." Full Review

The New York Times

"Fantastical, odd and sometimes so tender it’s raw, 'Ghost Rings' is a pop concert with a drama inside, about trying to make sense of the hole in your soul when the person you believed would stick around forever drifts away...Ms. Sieh and Ms. Markey are great fun to watch and to listen to. Their voices blend beautifully, a feat that’s more of a challenge for the various pieces of this show, which don’t always feel clearly defined enough to fuse into a whole. Yet the longing is sharp as a pang." Full Review

Time Out New York

"While it has thrills, I wouldn't recommend it for the Half Straddle newbie. As with other pop spectacles, a certain amount of preexisting hero-worship comes in handy...While everyone's performing their faces off, and it's fascinating to see Satter's entry in a promising new genre, the show is difficult to surrender to. Satter is trying to do something more complicated and personal than this brief set can accommodate, and after an hour, we're left with a partial gesture." Full Review


See it if You are, as I am, a fan of this downtown troupe and its talented members. It has music, family, emotion, angst and spirit animals.

Don't see it if You are as I, not a fan of musical productions, and being rather long in the tooth, perhaps not as hip to its interests as the Bushwick set.

Confusing, Disappointing, Great singing

See it if you like incredible vocal and acting performances and some of the best songwriting in ages.

Don't see it if you want to have any idea what's going on at any point in the show.

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