Fuzzy god is a verb
Brooklyn | 1h 40m | Already closed

God is a Verb

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About the show

Hook & Eye Theater presents the world premiere of an absurdist comedy inspired by the mind and myth of architect and designer Buckminster Fuller. More…

In the fall of 1969, an eccentric professor gathers a team of offbeat academics to play a game with one goal: make the world work for all humanity. What unfolds tears space-time as we are whisked from a beatnik cafe to a treetop congressional hearing and back by way of a university telephone. As the clock ticks, the lines blur between the game and the real world and we wonder if we've detached from reality altogether.

1h 40m | Already closed | The Actors Fund Art Center (Brooklyn)

Theatre is Easy

"'God Is a Verb' is a multi-layered endeavor filled with humor and a deep understanding of R. Buckminster Fuller, the renowned 20th century inventor and theorist. Playwright Gavin Broady’s ability to combine long poetic passages with scientific syntax is at times both bewildering and highly enjoyable...Overall, 'God Is a Verb' is great evening of theatre that reminds us of the omnipresent impact of a somewhat forgotten genius." Full Review

Front Row Center

"The script teeters dangerously on the edge of pedantry. Nevertheless, it sufficiently meets the challenges of fusing historical reference with creative license. And the humor is well-executed, finding its best moments in self reflective elitism and embarrassing delusions of grandeur. Unfortunately, the pace is inconsistent; some moments are painfully slow while others happen in a blink. Thankfully, the script is economic and nothing is wholly superfluous." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"'God Is A Verb' is a sublime example of cross-disciplinary collaboration. The play’s imaginative leadership and clarity of vision makes for a thematically and visually exciting story...You start to feel it in your stomach early on that this plan is never going to work, but 'God Is A Verb' reminds us that we shouldn't let an eccentric scientist's failure to create a Utopian global society prevent us from pursuing it in our own small and large ways." Full Review

Edge New York

"Hook & Eye company wizz-writer Gavin Broady and director Chad Lindsey met the Herculean feat of simulating consciousness and the speed of thought without befuddling the plot or leaving the audience as adrift as when you try to tell your bedfellow about a dream. All this, no less, while staging a proper play...The script of 'God is a Verb' has wisdom to spare but Hook & Eye was wise not to preach, handling their concerns with wry restraint and a wink." Full Review

Original, Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Relevant

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