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It Came From Beyond

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'Grease' meets 'War of the Worlds' with comic books, aliens, and 1950’s dancing in this family friendly musical comedy.  More…

'It Came From Beyond' takes place in a high school science classroom in 1959 and switches between two parallel stories. It centers on the nerdy, high school geek whose only chance to save the popular, beautiful girl that he loves, is to find the secret hidden in a new comic book called 'It Came From Beyond.' In the parallel story, an astronomer seeks the same secret in order to stop an attack on planet Earth from aliens from outer space. 

2h 0m | Already closed | St Luke's Theatre (Midtown W)


"The charming new comic musical...boasts an excellent cast with strong voices. Sharp direction and choreography enliven its tuneful, adventurous music, and taut construction – too rare in new musicals – makes it more than a collection of individual talents...Though the show’s characters unashamedly fulfill their stereotypes, they also grow deeper as the fun blooms and the tension in the twin stories mounts...A happy marriage of clever nostalgia, shiny new music, and sheer fun." Full Review

DC Metro Theater Arts

"A silly musical parody of vintage-style sci-fi, comic books, Cold-War propaganda, and song and dance...Directed...with an eye on kitschy humor, the show is chockful of nostalgic references to the popular culture of the era...Performances are campy and fun...without being so over-the-top as to become annoying...Despite the inconsistent vocals, absence of live musicians, and an early 7 PM curtain time, 'It Came from Beyond' is a lively send-up of the genre." Full Review

Off Off Online

"Emanating just enough charm and good will to keep from crashing...Christianson’s script is campy, but not sufficiently outrageous; other-worldly, but not scary. And opportunities to freshen the writing to reflect current political and societal upheaval have gone untaken...Humor is dished out in three varieties of vanilla. There are double entendres that range from painfully obvious to successfully silly...It is hard to spoof a low-budget movie when you are a low-budget stage production." Full Review


"A virtual laugh free, interminable, and unrewarding musical parody...There are some humorous cultural references and mild double-entendres but the stale plot hasn't been shaped into a compelling narrative and it all just isn't very funny...A fine pastiche of pop and show tunes but with 20 numbers, a good deal is extraneous...Though without any wow moments Blanchette's direction is solid...It hasn't yet acquired the alchemical qualities necessary for the campy spectacle it aspires to be." Full Review

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