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Julius Caesar (New Victory Theater)

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New Victory Theater presents The Acting Company's mounting of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, a history-spanning production that leaps from ancient Rome to a present-day war-torn nation. 

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Tackling essential questions about the balance of ambition, personal loyalty, and love of country, Shakespeare’s timeless political masterpiece has never been more relevant. Through the story of Julius Caesar, a rising political star torn down by his most trusted allies, audiences witness the art of persuasion, the ugliness of backroom politics, and the historical patterns we can’t stop repeating. Running in repertory with 'X: Or, Betty Shabazz v. The Nation.'


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The New York Times

“The most jarring element in the production, otherwise smoothly directed by Devin Brain, is the decision to shift from swords to rifles, from sandals to combat boots, over the course of the play. Unfortunately, fatigues are by now a cliché in Shakespearean war dramas. But then you may be reminded that many of the theatergoers are young, and this visual device is an efficient way to indicate what’s going on without overexplaining...This double bill rewards alert teens and jaded adults alike.” Full Review


"Considering the youth of the cast, it is well-acted and robustly directed by Devin Brain...While this production successfully pulled in the audience, it doesn't fully synch the props and costumes with the play...It's as if the director couldn't decide just what era to set this 'Julius Caesar' in...The ultra-streamlined text did at times make it difficult to make sense of the play's frenzied action...What this production lacks in grandeur, it makes up for in enthusiasm." Full Review

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Absorbing, Clever, Epic, Exquisite, Masterful

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Ambitious, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

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Intense, Confusing, Disappointing

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