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Actor and stand-up comedian Gianmarco Soresi stars in this witty unromantic comedy at 59E59.

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Based on true events about marriage, millennials, and navigating through it all, 'Less Than 50%' is armed with a shifting fourth wall and stand-up comedy which could change at a moment's notice  However, underneath the humor lies a serious issue. How do children of divorce find their way to love and commitment?

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Six Perfections Blogspot

for a previous production "One of the most fresh and innovative romantic comedies I've seen in the past few years...For the entire 90 minutes these 2 characters battle it out, jumping in and out of roles across a wide spectrum of time...Freedman helps weave all these different elements together into a wonderful theatrical tapestry. The fact that it flows as one continuous arc is a tribute to Freedman's directorial skill with comedy." Full Review

Stage Buddy

for a previous production "The two have good chemistry and their constant bickering on almost everything keeps the audience entertained...This show will keep you laughing and engaged as you follow their journey. The breaks that the stand-up bits from Gianmarco provide are comedic gold, using his skepticism to poke fun at the many popular beliefs surrounding dating and relationships. By the end, you may even realize that your own relationship is not as dysfunctional as you thought." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

for a previous production "Cynical yet sweet...The play offers a view of contemporary romance that is simultaneously humorous and heartfelt...A script that expertly balances the saccharine with the serious, even as it is a bit overlong, and perhaps slightly more complicated than is necessary...Director Max Freedman also deserves accolades for so organically orchestrating this play...A romantic comedy for people who’ve grown weary of romantic comedies." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

for a previous production "It's no doubt this is intended as a starring vehicle for Soresi, who acknowledges and pokes fun at his own solipsism throughout; his Woody Allen-style woe-is-me garnering familiar laughs in what started as a stand-up act and could easily be a satisfying one-man show...The stand up segments of this show are strong, and the show moves at an entertaining pace...'<50%' feels especially unfair to Laura, the simultaneously unpresent and omnipresent other half of Gianmarco's story." Full Review

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