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Light, A Dark Comedy

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About the show

Paper Canoe Theater Company and Triskelion Arts present the world premiere of a thought-provoking new children's show that asks audiences to imagine a world without light. More…

11-year-old Moth lives in a world of darkness. Here, nobody remembers there once was a sun. Folks are too tired to notice the odd and sinister workings of their steampunk city. But when her mother is overcome by 'The Sleep,' Moth is forced to unplug from the world she knows and journey to the Slumberyards. On this magical theatrical journey, she unexpectedly finds a host of lost misfits who save the day together.

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"It’s a fascinating world that Paper Canoe has put together...Adrienne Kapstein’s direction is tight and precise...The second half of the play lacks the specificity and focus that so grounds the first. Though billed as a play for families, I’m not sure how many were fully following the piece’s complicated and convoluted rules and logic...'Light, A Dark Comedy' provides a great opportunity to get lost in a strange and mysterious land—and isn’t that what all good theatre should allow us to do?" Full Review

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"'Light, A Dark Comedy' is a clever and smartly written play wrapped neatly with an amazing array of costumes, puppetry, lighting and media...The story languishes in the middle and it might be a tough sell for children due to the length and heavy subject matter. However, the detail in the story woven by Steinbruner and the tightly choreographed production is incredibly engaging...With the extraordinary direction of Kapstein the cast utilizes every opportunity to nuance 16 characters to life." Full Review

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