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No Wake

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Members say: Great acting, Intelligent, Absorbing, Slow, Great writing

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Route 66 Theatre Company & Bella Vita Entertainment present a drama about the grieving process and the unexpected consequences it can bring. More…

Nolan and Rebecca have moved on since their divorce—she to a new husband and he to a series of failed relationships. However, when a tragedy brings them back together, they're forced to navigate a web of grief and guilt that leads to tears, laughter, and, ultimately, hope. 

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Great acting, Intelligent, Absorbing, Slow, Great writing
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Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Relevant, Intelligent

See it if You want to watch 3 terrific actors as they unburden their hearts + souls in a new drama about unexpected consequences of coping wi grief.

Don't see it if You can't deal with deep emotions sometimes expressed through physical fighting. The subject of grief is not one you want to see staged.

Great acting, Quirky, Fun

See it if you like shows about relationships.The acting was quite good. Writing was excellent.Interesting story of a love triangle at a funeral.

Don't see it if you want all the bells and whistles.The set is very good.Makes good use of a small black box space.I found characters & situation believable

Dreadful writing, Obvious

See it if Even given that the dialogue is supposed to be awkward, you can be engaged by conversation which never rings true.

Don't see it if In a play which deals with death and grieving, you would hope to be able to suspend disbelief, and engage with the characters as real people

Slow, Uneven

See it if You're looking for an interesting play at a theater with high production values.

Don't see it if You're bothered by uneven acting and an overly talky play.

Great acting, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Disappointing

See it if You like exploring dynamics of relationships and mourning.

Don't see it if You need a satisfying ending. It's a tad disappointing that the ending comes without much closure

Ambitious, Slow, Indulgent

See it if Enjoy stories of dysfunctional families played out with dialogue.that doesn't quite land especially the funnier lines. Decent acting.

Don't see it if Have to catch a rerun of ......anything.

Cliched, Great concepts, Hilarious, Slow

See it if You've been questioning marriage/want to see adults struggle with their relationships.

Don't see it if You want to see genuine acting - it was a little manufactured.

Disappointing, Occasionally witty, Some cliched writing, Lacking credibility, Uneven acting

See it if You want to see a divorced couple and the ex-wife's new husband struggle to deal with a family tragedy.

Don't see it if It would pain you to watch a divorced couple attempt to deal with the suicide of their (mentally ill?) adult child, plus marital infidelity.

Also The actor who played Edward was the best of the three performers. Roge... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Resonant

See it if you like absorbing characters giving a moving take on a relatable topic.

Don't see it if you prefer the glitz of broadway.

Intelligent, Slow, Thought-provoking

See it if You have a high boredom threshold, since the first half was excruciatingly slow and tedious.

Don't see it if You have a low boredom threshold, since the first half was excruciatingly slow and tedious.

Also In all fairness, the play became more compelling during the second hal... Read more Read less

Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent, Intense

See it if You love plays about the idea go greaving.

Don't see it if You want to be just entertain

Ambitious, Clever, Quirky, Intelligent, Intense

See it if This three-character drama is original; it's a show without fireworks but keeps you interested

Don't see it if You need more excitement on stage; this can be slow in part

Ambitious, Slow, Quirky, Indulgent, Great acting

See it if you want to see a new work with some decent acting to recommend it

Don't see it if you're looking for a well-crafted script.

During previews
Disappointing, Uneven acting, Misguided, Banal

See it if If you want to see a couple with unresolved issues get together after a long time and fall on the same old sad routine with no maturing

Don't see it if you think you will hear a great tragedy unearth buried feelings & brings people closer. This has insultingly little to do with the tragedy

Also Tovar is great and always heartfelt despite the paucity of material fo... Read more Read less

During previews
Forgettable, Disappointing, Interesting subject

See it if It's an interesting subject and Tovar is giving a good performance. Parents who have lost children might feel connected to the material.

Don't see it if I was interested in what was happening most of the time but It didn't leave an impact, good or bad.

During previews
Absorbing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You want to see a great example of a show that’s done really well. Well written, acted and staged. It just doesn’t seem to have a real end.

Don't see it if If you like your stories all wrapped up and delivered for you. This one leaves you with a lot of questions.

During previews
Great acting, Great writing

See it if You Want to see a good drama with some comedy in a nice small intimate space

Don't see it if You are looking for a complex drama with lots of fireworks. This is a very simple plot

Also The writing was great. This play is extremely believable. I really enj... Read more Read less

During previews
Sad, tinged with humor, Indulgent, Some very good acting, Absorbing situation

See it if A story about the aftermath of grief that oddly evinces little of the emotion. What ensues is possible, but I didn't buy it. A rather hot-

Don't see it if headed response to tragedy seems unlikely given the characters' pasts but if that what the playwright intended you be the judge!

During previews
Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if You want writing that feels "real." Flow of the dialogue is great.

Don't see it if I can't think of anything. I guess if you don't like small theatres, don't go.

Also One of the few shows that I felt treated the material (a death) in an ... Read more Read less

During previews
Edgy, Great acting, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if You like small intimate theater about serious themes. A bittersweet story about relationships

Don't see it if You like big theater productions with light fluffy themes that leave you whistling a tune

During previews
Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if you like human stories

Don't see it if you don't like introspection.

During previews
Great acting, Great staging, Poor writing, Confusing

See it if Ambitious subject of relationships; not well developed. The tragedy is masked by comic dialog.

Don't see it if You have a close one suffering of mental illness.

Also The play is unconvincing when it shows how the parents’ grief is becom... Read more Read less

During previews
Disappointing, A bit odd

See it if you've never lost a child. you might be able to ignore the emotionless performances.

Don't see it if you'd like to see a bit more realism incorporated into an extremely sad storyline.

Also *spoiler alert* - the acting was ok for a bridget jones-esque kind of ... Read more Read less

During previews
Absorbing, Ambitious, Entertaining, Great acting, Resonant

See it if you want to see a well-written and acted play about the messiness of life with grief and love and loss, while getting in a few laughs.

Don't see it if you want to see something light with a neat and tidy bow at the end.

During previews
Great writing, Absorbing, Edgy, Relevant, Intelligent

See it if for complex relationships between characters and results of these interactions

Don't see it if expecting detailed characterization and compassion between the characters.

October 4th, 2017
“Donnelly leaks out the details of his play in tantalizing microdoses… Director Brady and designer Buderwitz, perhaps constrained by the dimensions of 59E59’s miniscule Theater C, short-shrift the atmosphere by suggesting a generic motel in lieu of the country inn specified in the script. Still, ...
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October 7th, 2017
"An affecting drama, one that truly captures the emotions of people who are dealing with an indescribable tragedy...'No Wake' is an honest depiction of how people cope in the aftermath of death, yet it also shows the humorous moments that occur in everyday life...The actors are excellent in their...
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October 4th, 2017
"'No Wake' begins just after a memorial service...But while the expected companions of grief, blame, and self-recrimination are certainly on hand, the play takes a surprising turn and becomes a funny, sad, messy love story...Thanks to excellent performances by the three cast members under Veronic...
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October 5th, 2017
"Constrained by their underwritten characters and banal dialogue, the charming and talented Stef Tovar and Tricia Small flail around earnestly. With such poor material and a confined playing area, all director Veronica Brady can do is skillfully position the actors and keep the pace up...'No Wake...
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