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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (St. Barts Players)

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Members say: Disappointing, Ambitious, Great acting, Entertaining, Absorbing

About the show

St. Bart's Players presents the play based on Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel about a rebellious psychiatric ward patient who struggles against social conformity and the authority of a tyrannical nurse. More…

'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest' follows criminal Randle McMurphy, who has gotten himself into trouble once again and been sentenced to hard labor. To escape the punishment, McMurphy pleads insanity and is sent to a ward for the mentally unstable. Once there, he locks horns with the oppressive Nurse Ratched, who abuses and degrades the inmates.

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Disappointing, Ambitious, Great acting, Entertaining, Absorbing
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Ambitious, Dated, Indulgent, Non-professional, Enthusiastic

See it if You want to support a non-professional theatre company. You know someone in the cast and/or production team.

Don't see it if You're expecting trained actors & production team. You want a contemporary play.

Also It's unfair to critique this production by the same criteria as profes... Read more Read less

True amateur theater, Disappointing, Worthy script

See it if you want to support St Barts Players & see a well purposed set

Don't see it if want to see a professionally produced & acted production

Disappointing, Indulgent, Ambitious, Amateur production

See it if a play that once starred Kirk Douglas and made into a movie starring Jack Nicholson. Should not have been done by a community theater group.

Don't see it if you are looking for a play that needs great actors and direction but is missing both.

Entertaining, Great staging, Slow, Ambitious

See it if You are or are not familiar with the novel and you want to see it performed. You want to see a recreation of a classic.

Don't see it if You are disturbed by folks being in a mental institution. You are not interested in this classic story. You need a faster paced story.

Also I like theater so I enjoyed this performance. It was a bit slow at tim... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Valiant effort, Indulgent, Uneven acting

See it if You are interested in the story and want to support small theatre productions. A good job for what it was.

Don't see it if You want a fully professional cast and production. Acting was uneven, but the asylum inmates were quite good.

Absorbing, Entertaining, Intense

See it if very enjoyable version of a very well known book/movie; great job by all of the actors.

Don't see it if you are expecting the movie and the characters in it. They did a very nice job bringing the original book to lofe

Great staging, Great acting, Intense, Great writing, Profound

See it if U liked the novel, play, or movie & want to relive this extrodinary story about one man's defiant challenge against tyrannical control.

Don't see it if U r bothered by psychiatric hospital themes or cringe at emotional & physical abuse of mentally challenged patients by corrupt authority.

Also One must see this revival play with fresh eyes & fair mind because you... Read more Read less

Great acting, Absorbing, Great casting, Intimate, Intense

See it if you liked the movie and want to experience it in a more intimate level. If you haven't seen the movie, see this first then the movie later.

Don't see it if you're not curious about the well acclaimed story from the book & movie of the same title. But if you'll see it, you may want to know more.

Also Given the small space of the theater, they were able to make an effect... Read more Read less

Indulgent, Quirky, Disappointing, Dated, Confusing

See it if I have no words

Don't see it if Unless you want to see a massacre of an important work

Compasionate, Tedious, Ambitious, Dated, Disappointing

See it if you did not see the movie.

Don't see it if expecting top notch performance. Institution aids are miscast.

Entertaining, Slow

See it if it was a perfectly entertaining show, not exceptional but acting was good and kept my interest.

Don't see it if Not sure i'd recommend it -

Confusing, Disappointing, Indulgent

See it if You want to see a fresh take on the characters of, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Don't see it if You haven't seen the movie or read the book. Or if you're expecting something great. The show is okay, and the climax was.. anticlimactic.

Entertaining, Great acting, Epic, Intelligent, Must see

See it if Took my son who didn't know anything about it-he loved it. You won't be sorry it's only here for a few days it really is a must see

Don't see it if If you don't like classics....well stay home with Netflix.

Great staging, Entertaining

See it if You just love this play.

Don't see it if You want a professional production.

Disappointing, Slow

See it if You want to support small theatre

Don't see it if Enjoy watching actors who dont seem like they're just doing second rate community theatre.

Thought-provoking, Edgy, Profound, Great acting, Crazy-is-as-crazy-does

See it if If you've seen the movie, & you'd like to see a theatrical version of the film. If you're a fan of good ensemble acting. You like it crazy!

Don't see it if If you have a problem seeing a scaled down version of the film. If you have problem with shock therapy or lobotomies. If crazy is not you!!

Ambitious, Absorbing, Thought-provoking

See it if If you enjoy psychiatric drama, intense and thought provoking, you enjoy off Broadway small theater,

Don't see it if You don't enjoy less professional theater, actors ranged in talent, but overall enjoyable

Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if like a well-written, absorbing drama, St. Bart's is a community theater but the acting is solid.

Don't see it if you expect professional actors.

Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Intense, Absorbing

See it if you like classic plays about the system versus the human spirit.

Don't see it if you are expecting to see a new twist to a classic play.


See it if you want to support community theatre and appreciate clever set design.

Don't see it if you're expecting a professional production.

Dated, Disappointing, Ambitious

See it if you want to support community theater smaller productions

Don't see it if you are looking for professional quality acting

Also the staging was pretty good, however they went unnecessarily over the ... Read more Read less

Clever, Funny, Relevant, Intense, Quirky

See it if You like shows that look unflinchingly at the dark parts of human nature and can find humanity in the midst of chaos and indifference.

Don't see it if You prefer upbeat shows with happy endings

Entertaining, Edgy, Intense, Thought-provoking, Enjoyable

See it if You enjoy a drama with and like the movie

Don't see it if You get annoyed easily by a loud main character...I think he could have taken it down a notch...loved the chief though!!

Ambitious, Disappointing, Slow

See it if You enjoy supporting small local theater

Don't see it if You are looking to see professionals. The leads overacted and the chief monologues were overdone.

Absorbing, Great acting

See it if The lead actor was quite good

Don't see it if The script is a bit dated, but still worth watching.

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