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Oye For My Dear Brooklyn

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Brooklyn impresario Modesto Flako Jimenez conjures his beloved borough in this bilingual elegy, told through poems, projections, and music. More…

“Listen to the beats / The rhythm of my Bushwick streets.” With lyrical wordplay and irreverence, '¡Oye! For My Dear Brooklyn' complicates our perceptions of race, language, and gentrification and calls us to be truly present to ask the question: “What is my moral worth?”

The New York Times

"A loosely structured mix of autobiographical morsels and ruminations on identity, immigration, gentrification. and art...Jimenez moves with understated elegance and confidence, and his text exhibits poetic flow and a culturally omnivorous unruliness. That last aspect is as bracing as it can be frustrating. As soon as the show broaches an interesting subject or brings up a colorful anecdote, it flits to another...We can only hope Mr. Jimenez slows down a bit next time." Full Review

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