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Part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival, this "new" play by Shakespeare is a remix/adaptation that picks up at the end of one of his most famous tragedies.

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Beginning where Hamlet ends, with a mess of dead bodies and the court of Denmark in shock, 'Puzzle the Will' then reassembles Shakespeare's tale like a puzzle, strategically jumping between sections, juxtaposing some scenes and deconstructing others. This familiar story is now an opportunity to experience Hamlet as if you were the first audience to do so. And to further this idea of the familiar-become-unfamiliar, the show gender-bends selected roles, searching for a greater truth about these classic characters when the clothing of gender is stripped away.

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"This interesting and successful adaptation is not your Senior Year 'Hamlet.' Ms. Pope 'scatters' scenes from 'Hamlet' on the stage proving that 'Hamlet' is 'Hamlet' no matter in what order it is read or seen. What this adaptation proves is that it is Shakespeare’s words that triumph...This is a 'Hamlet' well worth the visit." Full Review

Theater In The Now

"'Puzzle the Will' just comes across as pretentious...The findings about characters and themes are fascinating. But this structure and examination is better suited for the rehearsal process before diving into what the playwright intended." Full Review

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