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Rennie Harris: Funkedified
Midtown W

Rennie Harris: Funkedified NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Entertaining, Absorbing, Relevant, Exquisite, Riveting

About the Show

Inspired by the soundtrack of his youth, Rennie Harris celebrates all that is funk in this world premiere dance piece. 

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Member Reviews (4)

Must see, Riveting, Dizzying, Refreshing

See it if You like seeing really, really talented dancers and musicians. This is super-quality entertainment with top class performers.

Don't see it if You don't like funk music and dancing, but you will be missing a real treat.

Entertaining, Absorbing, Slow, Relevant, Great staging

See it if you enjoy great music and dancing

Don't see it if Are not into funk, break dancing and loud music

Critic Reviews (4)

June 4th, 2018

"Disjointed but deeply pleasing...As the same moves kept returning, I periodically found myself wondering if Mr. Harris and the dancers had run out of material. But then some dancer would flash a fresh variation, musically witty or physically astonishing, and my doubt would dissolve into pleasure...The overall pacing is herky-jerky, hampering the twitchy style rather than enhancing it. And there’s little to hold the show together except a slight connecting thread of autobiography."
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June 7th, 2018

"One of the show's shortcomings is that the narration is overwhelmed by the band in the first half, though a quieter coda near the end allows us to hear Harris's insights regarding the bluesy, sad side of funk...Still, besides being an excellent showcase for super-talented performers, there's much to be learned about modern dance in 'Funkedified'...The show is a great intro to the dance that gave birth to hip-hop that will inspire young dancers to move their feet to a funky beat."
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June 4th, 2018

"This dance was a lot of fun! It was filled with so much high energy it made you want to get up on stage and dance along... Hood Lockers were absolutely jaw-dropping!...I want to say thank you to Dr. Harris for his work and dedication to elevating the value of the street dance culture, but also for reminding us of the roots of hip hop...This was a great reminder of the history and foundation of hip hop dance and modern culture."
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June 3rd, 2018

"A HIGHLY entertaining, authentic, multi-media experience...Harris pays homage to the 1970’s party dance scene...At the same time presenting the voice of a new generation of evolving interpretations of dance. Moments where this is simultaneously presented gives this show its heart...'Funkedified' delivers on its promises to thoroughly entertain and delight audiences of all ages...As important as it is entertaining for its reminding, honoring, and blending yesterday and today."
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