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New York | 1h 25m | Already closed

Search: Paul Clayton...The Man Who Loved Bob Dylan

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About the show

A Wiki folk musical that celebrates - in words and song - the true story of one of Bob Dylan's first musical mentors. More…

Paul Clayton of New Bedford, was the most recorded, young folk singer in America when Bobby Zimmerman arrived in 1961 Greenwich Village to begin his career as Bob Dylan. It was Paul who helped open the doors to the folk world to him. From 1961 to 1965 Paul taught Bob the tricks of the trade while falling hopelessly in love with him.

1h 25m | Already closed | The Triad (Upper W Side)

Theater Pizzazz

"'Search: Paul Clayton' is the moving, myth-shattering new musical about a friendship between the long-forgotten title character and the legendary Bob Dylan...But the star of the show is the music...The play begins and ends with a computer-screen Google search for the folksinger’s name, projected on the upstage screen. But once you hear the gifted him tell his story and perform his songs, you won’t have to Google Paul Clayton’s name again." Full Review


"Audience members seated at tables to enjoy the piece (though the servers are distracting) recalls the experience of a '60s music club...It is a deeply moving story that fits well with the melancholy folk ballads and rousing anthems that bring it to life, and a lesson not to forget the ambiguous origins from which our musical idols come." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"'Search: Paul Clayton' proves itself as both an informative and entertaining piece of theatre. There are points when the songs do not fit so perfectly with the plot...Even so, the show is a fun evening of live music perfect for any fan of folk with a hankering for '60s nostalgia." Full Review

Broad Street Review

for a previous production "The star of the show is the music. Employing a talented cast of six, playing multiple roles and instruments, this spirited production offers a rousing medley of folk songs of the '60s. Dylan is a charmer, but it’s Clayton’s show, and his soulful singing and poignant performance capture our hearts...once you hear the gifted Clayton tell his story and perform his songs, you won’t have to Google his name again." Full Review

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