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Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) activates their unique reinvention of throwback French pantomime to present a 90-minute collection of all-new stories that riff on the many layers of "Skin."

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Critic Reviews (9)

The New York Times
January 25th, 2019

“A sometimes absorbing and sometimes irritating evening of cast-created vignettes, performed by the wildly expressive members of Broken Box Mime Theater...The simpler, goofier sections are a treat...But the weightier sections are confusing and often hollow...These sections...feel heavy and solipsistic, more about the performers celebrating what they could accomplish through mime and less about nuanced explorations of the topics at hand.”
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January 25th, 2019

"Or course, many theatergoers may have an implicit bias against the very idea of mime. This is understandable if unfair. Mime has long been viewed by many, in the U.S. anyway, as little more than pretentious preening and outsized gesturing by grimacing folks in clown makeup. More often than not, it's seen as a joke. But this show has a fun, cool, buoyant vibe that reminds audiences that the genre needn't be just a punchline, but something that can actually pack a punch."
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Theatre is Easy
January 24th, 2019

“A delicious feast of physical storytelling...’Skin’ is an evening of short narratives around the titular theme...’SKIN’ isn't a grab-bag of moments, but a well-curated lineup of pieces. Some are hilarious, some poignant, some will make you go ‘awwww’, and some will make you reconsider. And given their age-old art form, BKBX clearly makes a point to stay current and relevant...BKBX’s ‘SKIN’ epitomizes what theatre strives to have: the element of surprise.”
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Front Row Center
January 25th, 2019

“90 minutes of torrential storytelling, quiet storytelling, heartbreaking, truthful storytelling where a simple gesture speaks volumes more than words...BKBX is a company that combines theater, dance and mime...’SKIN’ is creative. It’s surprising. It’s fun...The entire evening is silent except for the wonderful music that underlines and highlights each scene...This is an evening of joy. Joy of humanity, joy of art, and joy of the theater and all that it brings to our lives.”
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Stage Left
January 26th, 2019

"Making mime cool again...Bringing its imaginative form of silent storytelling to new audiences by both embracing modern sentiment in substance and form, and honoring tradition...'Skin' is imbued with wit and pathos, inviting the audience to imagine alongside the performers, and telling stories both sweet and sad—choreographed and performed with an exuberant energy and a big heart...The joyful spirit of this company is irresistible."
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January 27th, 2019

“A diverse and nuanced collection of scenes that kept me on my toes and involved, constantly surprised, delighted and charmed...This ensemble is a tight knit...They are utterly mesmerizing...Baumwoll has crafted a delicious work that incites wonder and a sense of awe at the human body’s ability to tell a story – unadorned and sans artifice....I was transported, transfixed and tickled. This is a wonderfully executed, well thought out and beautifully performed program.”
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Manhattan Digest
January 31st, 2019

"It is up to the members of the troupe to tell a story only with faces, bodies, and music, asking its patrons to 'listen' in a whole different way. Through the course of 15 shorts, it does just that, to the delight of the audience...It was possible to miss the intent and get lost in some of the longer scenes...By and large, however, the vast majority of the scenes were successfully playful, humorous, charming and full of ingenuity...Treat yourself to the distinct pleasure of seeing a 'Skin.'"
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January 27th, 2019

"A singular experience in the power of silence and signal...’Skin’ takes on the various connotations of the titular word. The vignette structure is dramaturgically sound, with excellent create dynamics in tone and tempo without giving the audience aesthetic whiplash...The work of the ensemble is stunning and strikes the delicate balance of appearing effortless while showcasing the talent of the performers...An engaging, memorable production.”
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