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Spoolie Girl

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In this rock music fairytale, a suddenly orphaned eco-friendly teenager from Kenya comes to New York City and wearing magical spoolies in her hair that enables her to read people’s thoughts as songs.  More…

She must navigate a world consisting of her narcissistic, fashionista Aunt, a Fairy Godmother (but way wackier), and a quirky neighbor who walks an invisible dog. And this is her support group. 

2h 30m | Already closed | Actors Temple Theater (Midtown W)


"Standout performances of course begin with Broadway veteran Elizabeth Ward Land, who plays Aunt Darla. Land has the strongest vocals of the cast, and expectedly so...The rest of the music is fun and catchy, and I was humming along with a few of the rock anthems by the end of the show. Lilley, who plays Spoolie Girl, also had a beautiful voice, although sometimes it got swallowed up by the ensemble and the accompaniment." Full Review

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