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Summer Shorts 2019: Series B

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Members say: Relevant, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Slow, Absorbing

About the show

This annual festival of new American short plays returns to 59E59 for its 13th consecutive year. The festival's two series consist of three plays each. More…

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Series B



On the eve of her sister-in-law's wedding, a woman returns to her husband's boyhood home. Tossing and turning next to him in his too-small single bed, they question love, marriage and why there are no all-night drug stores in Providence.



It’s a perfect day in a big park near a big city and two friends get together for lunch and to play catch. Instead, they begin a discussion about life and history and soon find themselves in a conversational minefield from which they may never return.



What's the first thing you say after six years? Just on the outskirts of town, in room 11B of The Royale Motor Lodge, Phil Granger is stripping off his wet shirt as Meredith, his wife, is rushing through the rain towards him. Lucky is the moment they meet.

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Relevant, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Slow, Absorbing
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Relevant, Great acting, Entertaining, Clever, Ambitious

See it if If you like shorts, about 30 min each. Not as good as last two years, but enjoyable still.The shorts go bye quickly so if one is not oknext.

Don't see it if If you do not like short plays. Some are better than others.

Refreshing, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Absorbing

See it if I liked all 3 plays, with a common theme of surface connections giving way to something deeper. You can’t get to the deeper level w/o risk.

Don't see it if I did not find the first play too slow (intense pauses) or the 2nd too light. The 3rd was the most topical w/sharp ideas.

Also Really glad I saw these.

Great writing (labute), Provocative (appomattox), Trifling (providence), Dull (lucky)

See it if u want to see LaBute at his provocative, sardonic best in a well-acted, smartly-written, politically-charged, dramatically-tense seriocomedy

Don't see it if you're not willing to slog through two tedious, hollow sketches by White & Bleemer to get to LaBute's heady, challenging, worthwhile payoff.

Also All 80 points are for LaBute's smart, thought-provoking one-act. The o... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Slow, Relevant, Cliched, Disappointing

See it if Triptych on caring:One where a couple might re-connect.and another, a couple might disconnect,and then another, friends weigh cost of amends

Don't see it if This, Series B, contains the LaBute entry, and is slightly better than A, but overall, the 13th Summer Shorts Festival is an unlucky year.

Thought-provoking, Slow, Relevant, Great acting, Uneven

See it if you like one-act plays. They are wildly uneven. The first is tedious, the second slight. The Neil LaBute play makes the evening worthwhile.

Don't see it if you prefer full-evening plays with greater character development.

Also Sharr White’s play Lucky is lifeless. Nancy Bleemer’s Providence is li... Read more Read less

Mixed, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You want a diverse set of shows that are all well acted and explore interesting concepts.

Don't see it if You don't mind the inconsistent quality of the shows.

Two good, one bad, A mixed bag, Great acting, Funny

See it if you like short one-acts of varying quality. 1st play is a slog, but the 2nd & 3rd are comedies with thematic focus + good writing & acting.

Don't see it if you prefer full-length plays and not a mixed bag of shorts. The last play takes on issues of race, so if that's not your bag, so be it.

Entertaining, Slow, Overrated, Uneven, Thought-provoking

See it if you like one acts and are looking for a varied evening of wildly different shows of varying quality.

Don't see it if you expect all terrific shows & like your plays fully realized. The first is excruciating, the 2nd fun & light &the third very interesting

Relevant, Intelligent, Masterful

See it if Neil LaBute's Appomattox is terrific--the clear stand-out of the Series B program. The writing, acting and directing are superb. LaBute's

Don't see it if mastery and talent are on fine display in this timely and edgy play about reparations. Sharr White's Lucky, about PTSD, is performed at such

Also a glacial pace that it's hard to get a fix on it. It has some strong e... Read more Read less

Resonant, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if You're a Neil LaBute fan. His piece was extraordinary: timely, thought provoking, excellent performances.

Don't see it if You like tidy endings. All three pieces are open-ended, which can be grist for conversation with others who saw the pieces, or frustrating.

During previews

See it if You want to see three short plays that all deal with issues of humans not being able to connect with each other

Don't see it if You are expecting anything edgy or risky

Also Here are my scores for all three plays:... Read more Read less

During previews
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Intelligent, Ambitious, Clever

See it if You find short plays satisfying. 1st play-WWII vet unable to cope. 2nd-couple still wondering about being married. 3rd addresses racism.

Don't see it if You don't like short plays because they don't cover enough ground.

During previews
Topical, Enjoyable, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if Enjoyed Series A. Found these three plays more compelling than A particularly look at PTSD and a take on race relations and friendship.

Don't see it if Same reason as not to see A: No interest in three short plays, particularly ones where relationships and communication are among themes.

August 4th, 2019
"In 3 Short Plays, the Art of Making Up and Breaking Up. The second program of 'Summer Shorts 2019,' at 59E59 Theaters, is a patchy evening including a contribution by Neil LaBute."
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August 5th, 2019
"The conclusion of war brings neither happiness nor peace in Lucky, Sharr White's tense and mysterious two-hander, which kicks off Series B of this festival of one-acts on a strong, satisfying note…[this is] a better-than-average edition of 'Summer Shorts,' a series that continues to display its ...
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August 4th, 2019
★★★ "'Neil LaBute Delivers a Typically Toxic Comedy.' A smart topical comedy outshines lesser works in an annual off-Broadway festival"
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August 4th, 2019
"Saving the best - and most controversial - for last, the provocative Neil LaBute once again stirs the pot with 'Appomatox.'"
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