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The Flying Doctor by Moliere (over and over and over)

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Experimental theater troupe flexCO. presents an explosion of the early Molière work in which the piece is performed multiple times in quick succession. More…

'The Flying Doctor by Molière (over and over and over)' examines what happens to the actors, the characters, and the audience as each experiences the work multiple times and morphs throughout the process. There will be live music, champagne, literature, acrobatics, and, of course, a flying doctor.

Woman Around Town

"A cadre of charismatic performers create a kinetic spectacle full of humor, music and feeling…’The Flying Doctor’ is a raucous and, in the end, surprisingly melancholy take on Molière…The energy that this cast brings to the show is fantastic...The intensity of the eye contact, the way Sganarelle has of getting right into your personal space, the whisper of Sabine’s skirts stirring the air as she passes, all lend the experience an intimacy that lingers in the mind. Happily, the champagne helps." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"A fun and bizarre exploration of classical farce…A deeply engaging illustration of creative interpretation. Doliner’s entire ensemble is strong, deftly navigating this post-modern melange…Make no mistake, this is neither a clumsy nor arbitrary novelty show…Doliner is an impressive director, guiding his cast to uncover unexpected paths through such well-trodden material. 'The Flying Doctor...' is a hyperactive media collage, bold in its creativity and exciting on many levels." Full Review

The New York Times

"This ambitious production doesn’t work…That it doesn’t is partly because the show’s disparate elements become a muddle, but it’s more fundamentally because the production skips a vital step: figuring out how to let Molière’s humor breathe the comic oxygen of today — how to bring his play to life. In its eagerness to riff, the company bypasses the foundation of its show, and the riffing has nothing to stand on." Full Review

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