Hurricane Party
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Hurricane Party

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Great acting, Intense, Raunchy, Edgy, Absorbing

About the Show

Set in a southern coastal community on the advent of a major storm, "Hurricane Party" is the love story of Macon and Dana and their mercurial spouses, Todd and Caroline.

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546 Reviews | 1879 Followers
Absorbing, Solid script, Strong acting, Interesting

See it if You like melodrama. It is well performed and written. A bit soap opera-ish but still interesting. 90 min, no intermission. Worth seeing.

Don't see it if You don’t like stories of betrayal or the f-word. They use that a lot.

716 Reviews | 219 Followers
Intense, Raunchy, Edgy, Angry, Bleak

See it if Close friends with secrets & resentments get wasted and erupt into pain. Drugs & sex can’t save them. Maybe just death. Enjoyed the acting.

Don't see it if You don’t want to see damaged people with a bleak future making bad choices. Simulated sex, alcohol, drugs, profanity and violence.

716 Reviews | 157 Followers
Absorbing, Cliched, Ambitious, Indulgent, Disappointing

See it if to discover a new writer & company, you like straight-forward plays & plots with folk marooned in a single location as secrets get revealed

Don't see it if not a fan of scenarios with characters forced to shelter together or melodrama, expect more elaborate stage effects to convey disaster

677 Reviews | 190 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Intense, Edgy, Tempestuous

See it if you want to watch a superb cast play hard-up Southerners forced to confront their stormy relationships as they ride out an ominous hurricane

Don't see it if you're uneasy with domestic violence, frank sexual scenes & simulated drug use, all of which is authentically depicted at this intense party

688 Reviews | 116 Followers
Cliched, Great acting, Edgy, Indulgent, Intense

See it if Thigpen's hurricane/apocalyptic melodrama keeps raising its velocity to a fever pitch. Thankfully, director Dizzia & company hold their own

Don't see it if It's not the melodrama that fells the piece; it's the dysfunction It keeps rising like a storm's flood waters until it submerges everything

520 Reviews | 107 Followers
Enchanting, Great acting, Great staging, Great writing

See it if You like Griddy and raw dramas that deal with very realistic characters that would live in a trailer park

Don't see it if You need your plays to have a “good guy “ All of the characters in the play have no redeeming qualities and that’s what I love about it Read more

459 Reviews | 117 Followers
Entertaining, Disappointing

See it if you want to see true to life Southern behavior.

Don't see it if the author failing to allow the characters to destroy each other and settling for "divine" intervention disturbs you.

470 Reviews | 113 Followers

See it if Things heat up once all the visitors show up - screaming, violence, and something shocking in last scene.

Don't see it if Starts off kinda slow and a good chunk of the beginning could be cut.

Critic Reviews (5)

Talkin' Broadway
September 11th, 2018

“A deliciously nihilistic take on disaster art opening...What Thigpen does so well is balancing the bigger aspects of the play with the more intimate moments...Thigpen's ingeniously lurid setup makes one think of the play as a cross between ‘Body Heat’ and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'...Despite its high entertainment value, because truly there isn't a dull moment in 'Hurricane Party,' the play is also touching and haunting in the most unexpected of ways."
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September 21st, 2018

"The intellectual level of Hurricane's characters may not be as high as George, Martha, Nick, and Honey's. Nevertheless they reveal their inner psychological turmoil, secret fears, secret yearnings and sense of isolation with equal intensity. Thigpen's astutely observed dialogue and Maria Dizzia's vivid whirlwind direction lift 'Hurricane' from foul-mouthed melodrama to passionate character study."
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Front Row Center
September 12th, 2018

"It’ll be more entertaining to go in as clueless as possible, only being informed by the title, and let Thigpen’s skilled playwright’s craft reveal everything to you on its own terms. The dialogue is rich with colloquialisms, dense with humanity and full of deep humor and pathos expertly slung about by a well-connected, marvelously talented ensemble. The direction by Maria Dizzia is spot on, effectively utilizing and theatrically transforming the scenes."
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Front Mezz Junkies
September 14th, 2018

"Strongly and chaotically directed by Maria Dizzia, all the actors are given plenty of moments to rain and shine within their moments of expressive and explosive engagements. The only problem lies in the unfocused tracking of the storm by playwright David Thigpen. He has created, together with his excellent cast, inner world dynamics that are intriguing and dramatic but lack directive outcomes and collisions with deeper meaning."
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September 11th, 2018

"David Thigpen's muddled drama of sexual and marital tension set in Conway, SC, on the eve of a threatening hurricane… At times, this hurricane party suggests a less literate version of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'...Everyone…uses heightened language-crude, colloquially slurred, grammatically jumbled, and vividly animated-that seems more stagey than realistic…Compared to these characters, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who also comes from South Carolina, sounds like Sir Ian McKellen."
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