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The International

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War takes its toll on 3 people: an international peacekeeper; an aspiring artist, and a farm woman who witnesses her idyllic village life shattered by the encroaching conflict. More…

In this probing three-character play, familiar events taking place during an unnamed war in Eastern Europe are seen through the eyes of three different people in three different parts of the world. Linked in surprising ways through the media, technology and global politics, these three people couldn’t be more disconnected. A remount of the acclaimed Origin Theatre Company production.

On Stage Blog

"This is a play that everyone should see...It is incredibly morally and philosophically complex, and yet wholly accessible...Like all good political theatre, no one gets out unscarred. ‘The International’ punches you repeatedly in the heart, mind, guts and soul, all while gently stroking your hair." Full Review

Applause! Applause!

"'The International' will give you insight into what it is like to be touched by war and human brutality...This brilliant and talented ensemble cast will take you on an emotional roller coaster leaving you feeling drained by the end of this engaging 80-minute journey. 'The International' is a powerful, moving and honest drama." Full Review

Dr. Sue

"'The International' is compelling theater and high-impact story-telling...Playwright Tim Ruddy and Director Christopher Randolph commit to the power of language and passionate acting to bring this story to life." Full Review

The New York Times

"This drama is a skillfully acted set of three interwoven monologues...Mr. Ruddy throws “The International” badly off balance. This finely tuned production has a talented cast that lends suppleness to the text, but there is no moral complexity to mine in Dave, and none apparent in his family, either. Every one of these Americans is ugly and selfish, utterly lacking in empathy. That’s too broad an aim at too easy a target." Full Review


for a previous production "Director Randolph has masterfully overcome the potential pitfall of monotony in a play that contains relatively little physical action. Working with Ruddy's compelling script, he gradually creates a palpable sense of dread that increases until the three narratives converge, explode, and scatter like shrapnel...The effect is as spellbinding as it is frightening. The production as a whole is a small, disturbing masterpiece, like a fine painting that provokes contemplation." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

for a previous production "The performance, while dealing with material that is not especially new keeps you riveted, especially with the actors so close...'The International' ties its simple visual elements together with a brilliantly coordinated sound design in a superbly blended way so that they mesh seamlessly with the outstanding acting of the three performers. This is good theatre about a disturbing situation that deserves strong support." Full Review

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