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'Rap Guide to Religion' traces the roots of faith from tribal animism to radical Islam to Justin Bieber thanking god at the MTV Teen Choice Awards.

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The world is full of religions, thousands of them. New religions are formed every day, while others are forgotten. How are we to make sense of it all? Rapper and playwright Baba Brinkman reveals the hidden logic . The bottom line: religion evolves. As an atheist himself, Baba sees no truth in the supernatural claims of religion, so instead he looks for the evolutionary benefits of belief. Religion and evolution are supposed to be mortal enemies, right? But they become surprisingly compatible once you understand religion as a natural product of evolution. Just like rap concerts, religions are designed to “move the crowd” by any means necessary – and with the help of some famous rappers, Baba Brinkman is determined to find out why.

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Funny, Original, Clever, Great writing, Entertaining

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