This Space Between Us
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This Space Between Us

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Relevant, Funny, Great acting, Disappointing, Entertaining

A new comedy about trying to change the world while admitting home could use a little change too. 

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247 Reviews | 44 Followers
Confusing, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if As a Cuban American, I related to the family dynamic of this drama. However, there was too much going on, the playwright should b more focus

Don't see it if You want some kind of conclusion to all this drama on stage.

157 Reviews | 26 Followers
Dizzying, Funny, Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if I think its trying to be more profound than it is

Don't see it if uneven script, lots of long monologues that dont progress the story. Read more

152 Reviews | 21 Followers
Thought-provoking, Disappointing, Banal, Relevant, Slow

See it if The adage 'No good deed goes unstoned' gets a bland rendering as a talented cast work hard to defuse a virtuous career choice from occurring

Don't see it if The dramedy is defeated not so much by the glib dialogue as the lack of any in depth characterization Garbayo's Jamie almost escapes intact

128 Reviews | 32 Followers
Confusing, Forgot to put in the comedy, Disappointing

See it if You like plays about family interactions with a lot of caricature roles.

Don't see it if You actually want to see a "raucous" show. I'm sure there were supposed to be funny parts, but I didn't get them.

119 Reviews | 16 Followers
Disappointing, Confusing, Overrated

See it if you like shows with nothing at stake and no conflict

Don't see it if You like the playwright to pay off elements he introduces such as someone having AIDS

76 Reviews | 9 Followers
Some good moments, a bit all over the place

See it if You want to see a play about a dysfunctional family. You want to support new plays. Some funny moments but overall a missed opportunity.

Don't see it if You want a logical play.There was too much going on that focus on fewer topics would made it more coherent.Some parts were just incredulous.

45 Reviews | 7 Followers
Absorbing, Resonant, Funny

See it if you want to see a play with interesting and relevant themes, from race to politics to personal relationships, infused with intelligent humor

Don't see it if you want to see a fluffier light-hearted show

42 Reviews | 5 Followers
Thought-provoking, Great acting, Funny, Entertaining, Clever

See it if You like a storyline that is funny, serious, and refreshing. The acting is extraordinary.

Don't see it if You are homophobic.

Critic Reviews (9)

March 9th, 2022

"Entertaining if overambitious comedy...But the play loses its comedic way as it becomes more earnest about the issues it tackles...There are moments when the dialogue sparkles, and things could have easily gone awry in the first scene...But the scenes that make 'This Space Between Us' resonate with the humor of familiarity...get lost as the plot veers into heavier subjects...Gil-Sheridan has a talent for taut, realistic dialogue and satirical commentary, and he's adept at playing his characters' viewpoints off each other without taking sides."
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Lighting & Sound America
March 10th, 2022

At first glance, This Space Between Us appears to be written in English, but that's a superficial impression. In fact, the characters in Peter Gil-Sheridan's new comedy speak shtick, a dialect of English that is devoid of nuance and -- despite the script's many crude grabs for laughs – humor…t's never clear why anyone would want to spend nearly two hours with this noisy, shallow bunch. This Space Between Us has no intermission; if it did, you might be sorely tempted to put some space between you and them.
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Talkin' Broadway
March 9th, 2022

"Gil-Sheridan has also left a couple of boxes unchecked, and they compromise what's otherwise a promising, if undernourished, effort...The characters, by and large, don't grow, and Jonathan Silverstein's direction feels surfacey, maybe because surface is mostly what's there. Gil-Sheridan has salient things on his mind about social responsibility and parental and filial roles, and his dialogue rolls naturally and easily, if not in any particular direction."
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New York Stage Review
March 10th, 2022

"4/5 stars... Gil-Sheridan...approaches Jamie’s dilemma with a mix of empathy and whimsy that’s extended equally to all his characters—so that under Keen Company artistic director Jonathan Silverstein’s cogent guidance of an excellent ensemble, their motley foibles emerge as endearingly, frustratingly human, and often quite funny as well...That 'This Space Between Us' nonetheless leaves us relatively uplifted is a credit to everyone involved."
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March 9th, 2022

The world premiere of Peter Gil-Sheridan’s This Space Between Us gives itself away in its title: it is about a dysfunctional family that does nothing but argue when they get together. Jonathan Silverstein’s production for Keen Company bills itself as a comedy but unfortunately there are few if any laughs. While the author has an ear for realistic dialogue, he demonstrates little talent for plot, with the play as linear and predictable as could be. The only wrinkle in this timeworn theme is that the protagonist’s father is Cuban-born while his mother is American, and his Aunt Pat is a nun. One gets the feeling (possibly misplaced) that there is a semi-autobiographical element and the author is too close to his material.
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Theater Pizzazz
March 9th, 2022

The actors are adequate but little more, no one able to provide a convincingly three-dimensional human being within the constraints of this clumsy script. Ryan Garbayo probably comes closest, but there’s a big space between his tortured Jamie and most of the others, no matter how hard they try. The Keen Company may be back, but they’ll need a little more time to live up to their name.
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Front Row Center
March 9th, 2022

"3.5/5 stars...The production is disappointingly flat footed. This is due, in part, to the fact that each of the play’s six characters makes choices that are unlikable, or just plain unlikely. And, in part, to the fact that playwright Peter Gil-Sheridan sacrifices a deep dive in favor of touching on a panoply of social issues...The cast find themselves unable to breathe life into their tricky roles...As a result, this space between us, the audience, and them, the actors, proves barely bridgeable."
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New York Theater
March 9th, 2022

“I can’t watch MSNBC and do nothing anymore,” says Jamie in “This Space Between Us.” Many of us surely have been feeling that way lately…Playwright Gil-Sheridan excels at witty bickering, which the six-member cast of pros largely nail… Amid the comedy, the playwright delivers some thought-provoking, unsentimental observations about Americans’ divergent do-gooder impulses. Such lively, worthwhile exchanges, however, are in danger of being drowned out by the disjointed story.
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