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Three Days To See

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Transport Group Theatre Company's intimate look at one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th Century, Helen Keller. More…

This is a vivid and intimate portrait of Helen Keller revealing a hidden story of luminous intelligence and extraordinary accomplishment. This story will demolish everything you thought you knew about this utterly unique American icon and introduce you to Keller's revelatory and singular take on culture, feminism, romance and politics. Your perception of this trailblazer will never be the same.

Theatre is Easy

"An inspired, joyful examination of the life of Helen Keller, in her own words...'Three Days to See' starts off by barraging the audience with a stream of Helen Keller jokes. The tone softens considerably after that, but the portrait of Keller that emerges is much more complex than the one mainstream media has usually offered...What this play drives home is that we ought to be just as interested in how she coped with problems and issues with which we can identify." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"Even if 'Three Days to See' falls short of the highest ideal it sets for itself, it's an absorbing exercise that accomplishes its chief goal: of making us aware of how serious and real its subject was. Most of us will never understand, and will never have to understand, exactly what she went through and what challenges she had to overcome to achieve what she did. But one thing's for sure: You'll never hear — let alone laugh at — a Helen Keller joke in quite the same way again." Full Review

The New York Times

"There are occasional bouts of earnestness, but much of the material is playful and even peppy, with passages set to an unimaginative assortment of show tune instrumentals and classical jingles...There are indulgent passages and bathetic ones. Dull ones, too. But there is also a deft interweaving of lighter fare and more serious matter that work together to reveal the workings of Keller’s agile, sensitive mind." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"It’s beyond puzzling figuring out why the brilliant director chose to begin 'Three Days to See' with the cast racing merrily about the stage regaling the audience with one disgusting Helen Keller 'joke' after another. It cast a pall on the rest of the evening...It is the long dramatization of 'Three Days to See' that makes this show worth seeing...There is much to learn about a nearly-forgotten American icon in this ultimately moving theatre piece." Full Review

Broadway Blog

"The play’s dialogue is entirely drawn from her writings. Cummings can only occasionally craft dialogue based on referenced conversations, and that lack of engagement pigeonholes the company into an often-presentational performance style...It is a beautiful sequence of dreams unlived, and a reminder that our senses are a gift not to be taken lightly." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"What ends up hampering the performances is the heavy-handed direction...The last ten minutes of 'Three Days to See' are the most successful and affecting part of the production. Cummings and his cast are successful in creating a character out of an icon and to see her portrayed by seven actors ultimately renders Keller more accessible, more part of us than she has ever been." Full Review


"It's a lovely piece in its elegant simplicity, but by the time it begins the evening has already outstayed its welcome. With little variety in its abstract staging and little distinction between many of the performances 'Three Days To See', despite the literary and historic value of its text, is rarely theatrical enough to show a clear purpose." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

"An intriguing but problematic new work of devised theatre by the perhaps overly imaginative Jack Cummings III...However much I appreciated his ingenuity, it was too often at the expense of Keller’s contributions. More is not necessarily more...'Three Days to See,' despite the drawbacks of its style, has reopened my eyes to its somewhat forgotten subject, who surely deserves a major biopic." Full Review

American Theater Web

"Unfortunately, rather than allowing his talented company to simply recite from Keller’s work or re-enact moments that she chronicled, Cummings has conceived the work as a movement-dance piece...This clichéd gimmickry undermines the sensitivity and insight in Keller’s writings, which encompass everything from her thoughts on racial inequality to the suffragette movement." Full Review

New York Daily News

"On the plus side, this experiment, directed by Jack Cummings III, reveals Keller's extraordinary intelligence and worldliness. But too often it's a case of style over substance. It's twice as long and half as intriguing as it ought to be." Full Review

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