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New York | Previews start Nov 07

Two By Friel

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About the show

Irish Rep's new production juxtaposes two short plays by Irish master Brian Friel: "Lovers: Winners" (1967) and "The Yalta Game" (2001), both of which center on a couple in the blossoming stage of romance.


"Lovers: Winners" follows the story of Mag and Joe, two teenage lovers who meet at the top of a hill to study for their final examinations, make plans for their upcoming wedding, and prepare for the child they are expecting. Meanwhile, two narrators relate the darker events surrounding that day. 

In "The Yalta Game," adapted from Chekhov’s short story “The Lady with the Lapdog,” Dmitry and Anna fall in love while on vacation from their spouses. In their courting, Dmitry teaches Anna about the Yalta game—a game in which visitors invent stories about the people they see in the square. But is their love—is any love—real or imagined? Forever or ephemeral?

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