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The New Victory Theater presents this high-octane celebration of the past, present, and future of Irish dance.  More…

Choreographed by the "Fastest Feet in the World," James Devine and five-time World Irish Dance Champion David Geaney, illustrious Irish hoofers come together to tackle impossible scuffles, shuffles, and every time step in between. Backed by a rocking Celtic band and DJ, and featuring award-winning dancers AnneMarie Keaney and Gabriella Wood. Best for ages 8 and up.

1h 15m | Already closed | The New Victory Theater (Midtown W)

The New York Times

"A multimedia show for all ages, earnestly tracing the evolution of Irish dance while toying with tradition, would be welcome. And this seems to be where 'Velocity' is heading, until it takes a misguided turn into something like an advertisement for its lead dancers — the two men, that is. ..There’s no doubting the pair’s excellence as technicians and charm...But this self-celebration rehashes one of the most tired parts of the original ‘Riverdance’ formula: male ego as engine.” Full Review

The Scotsman

for a previous production “A wonderful, fast-paced and utterly joyful display of Irish dancing. Geaney is a phenomenal dancer, lightning fast, bursting with energy and amiable with the crowd. Devine visits the stage twice, to tap dance sitting down...Keaney also helps to shake things up, with a mix of hard and soft shoe dancing...Anyone with even a passing interest in Irish dance and tap should buy themselves an hour in Velocity’s company.” Full Review

The List

for a previous production “Impressive talent...Sadly they’re a man down in this tight display of turbocharged Irish jigging...Grainy footage of the history of Irish dance is beautiful, with a little bit of explanation on the rules and the trio on fiddle, guitar and cajon drum are excellent at building atmosphere and doing call-and-responses with the tap shoes. The scratch DJ jars a bit; the traditional dance seems best unadorned with fusion flourishes. Staggering precision and speed are the real draws here.” Full Review

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