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In this solo piece, actress and singer/songwriter Leenya Rideout’s explores a complicated mother-daughter relationship in a world where women are just beginning to have their voices heard through art.

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Leenya, an actor and musician, is figuratively and literally stuck. One night she finds herself performing alone in a Long Island pub, separated by a snowstorm from the rest of her Irish rock band. Dusting off her original songs, she revisits stories of love, humor, and heartache which all seem to invoke thoughts of her mother, Lynn. Lynn is also an artist, but she prefers paints and canvas over a live audience. A reluctant stage mom, she is a church lady full of mixed messages. As Leenya performs, she reaches across a continent and a generation – connecting with her mother through art and memories. Together, the two women push beyond their pasts and discover how to live with 'Wild Abandon.'

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