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A Chorus Line (Secret Theatre)

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Members say: Entertaining, Delightful, Funny, Clever, Great staging

About the show

For the 40th anniversary of its Broadway debut, The Secret Theatre presents this classic story of chorus dancers auditioning for a shot at their dreams. More…

Winner of the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 1976 Tony Award for Best Musical, this production celebrates the play's 40th anniversary. Broadway director Zach oversees auditions for chorus roles in a Broadway musical. To narrow down the finalists, and get to know the dancers, Zach asks that each shares something about their past. The performers, including Cassie, with whom Zach shares a past, open up about their lives and passions, but never lose track of their aim: to book the job.

Theater In The Now

"The Secret Theatre's production of 'A Chorus Line' reminds us why we love this musical…The Secret Theatre presented a solid production of 'A Chorus Line' filled with many unavoidable restrictions. I can only imagine what could have been explored with freedom." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"Rowan is aware that as long as it stays true to the spirit of Michael Bennett’s seminal production, almost any revival of the show will be at the least entertaining. But he brings something that’s not always there: urgency. The actors in the ensemble read much younger than in other productions, but their youth works because it reminds us of how much value our society puts on younger people, and how much 'older' people are made to feel much earlier nowadays." Full Review

Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Great singing, Intelligent

See it if You like tap dancing, great music, and shows where characters are introspective. And theatre where you learn what it is like to be a dancer.

Don't see it if You don't like tap dancing. Shows where characters are introspective and self revealing.

Entertaining, Great staging, Must see

See it if A fantastic show. Lively and fun

Don't see it if No reason not to see it

Entertaining, Great staging, Great writing, Masterful, Must see

See it if You love amazing night dancing, singing, acting, and breaking the fourth wall to present to the audience.

Don't see it if You dislike dancing

Lively, Entertaining, Realistic, Great dancing, Must see

See it if You love lively singing and dancing.

Don't see it if You don't like a lot of huge dance numbers.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Funny

See it if Fabulous acting, dancing and singing

Don't see it if You don't like dancing. If any mention of sex, sexuality or (occasional) cursing will offend you.

Enchanting, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if you love & choreography

Don't see it if you don't appreciate the artist's life

Very professional, Great acting, dancing, singing, Very intimate venue, Entertaining

See it if you want to experience Chorus Line in a tiny venue. And this production is surprisingly well-done.

Don't see it if you don't like Chorus Line.

Ambitious, Great singing, Great acting, Entertaining, Intelligent

See it if you're craving some GREAT singing!

Don't see it if you want something with a lot of sets and effects.


See it if you enjoy great dancing; you want greater appreciation for the cast in a show

Don't see it if you are looking for a plot line - the show is individual character focused and does not show character progression

Dated, Overrated, Slow, Fluffy

See it if you are interested in the theatre/acting profession and what it's like for struggling actors trying to get a job.

Don't see it if you want edge of your seat adventure.

Thought-provoking, Overrated, Intense, Disappointing, Dated

See it if You don't easily get bored. Interested in the psyche of theater performers.

Don't see it if You're expecting a great show. I looked forward to seeing it, but was disappointed. Some music was good but I got bored quickly.

Great singing, Overrated, Disappointing, Entertaining, Exquisite

See it if you are looking for a classic musical and there is nothing else to see.

Don't see it if you are looking for a interesting story.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Funny, Intelligent

See it if A simple play turn into a masterpiece. Great play that comes with great singing.

Don't see it if You like elaborate settings.

Absorbing, Funny, Edgy, Epic, Hilarious

See it if I love all the characters. I love the wit of the show. Great dance numbers.

Don't see it if Must see


See it if You love musicals!! Great Show

Don't see it if ....

Great staging, Great singing, Must see, Great writing, Great acting

See it if Emotional story. Fantastic music. Exceptional dancing. Wow what more can a music lover ask?

Don't see it if You hate musicals.

Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Delightful, Must see

See it if You love a fun night with great tunes and funny story line

Don't see it if You are a stick in the mud

Ambitious, Edgy, Intense, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if Wonderful dancing

Don't see it if You don't like dance

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You enjoy choreography

Don't see it if You don't

Absorbing, Edgy, Great acting, Intense, Thought-provoking

See it if great story and dancing

Don't see it if you don't like musicals

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Riveting

See it if you are a theatre lover.

Don't see it if you have a chance make it your first Broadway's really special.

Masterful, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if If you love all forms of dance.

Don't see it if Singing and dancing bothers you.

Entertaining, Great acting, Funny, Absorbing, Edgy

See it if you like an old school musical with great characters.

Don't see it if you don't like men in tights.

Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining, Funny, Great acting

See it if Love s good story

Don't see it if Music

Ambitious, Clever, Delightful

See it if you love dance and music and want to see a truly inventive musical.

Don't see it if if you don't like inventiveness.

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