Previews start Jul 18 | 1h 30m | Midtown W

A White Man's Guide to Rikers Island

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About the show

Based on a true story, this account of a privileged white actor who finds himself serving time at Rikers Island offers an eye-opening look inside our broken penal system and a cautionary tale for anyone of any race. More…

From the play:

After a drunk driving incident leads to an involuntary manslaughter charge, a privileged white actor find himself serving time at Rikers Island, where the population is over 95% people of color. For the first time in his life, Rich is now a minority and his skin color makes him a target. Caught between drug lords, gang members, and his wise trans cellmate, this clueless white man must learn how to survive the violence, horniness, and mind-numbing nothingness that is prison. All while trying to find forgiveness for his crime. Oh, and at the insistence of his Corrections Officer, write A WHITE MAN’S GUIDE TO RIKERS ISLAND for submission to the National Penitentiary Press Competition. Seriously.

1h 30m | Previews start Jul 18 | The Producers' Club (Midtown W)

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