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Alas, The Nymphs

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1h 5m | Already closed | BAM - Fishman Space (Brooklyn)

In this world premiere at the 2015 Next Wave Festival, director John Jahnke and theatre company Hotel Savant transform the Greek myth of Hylas into a parade of poetry, psychosexual intrigue, and dance theater. More…

The ancient Greek myth of Hylas recounts the story of an Argonaut presumed to have been abducted by water nymphs. The myth is presented as a bacchic parade of fragmented poetry and sensual dance-theater-cum-art-installation. With music by Austrian electronic composer Fennesz, 'Alas' is a lurid meditation on eros and power, submerging contemporary consciousness in mythic guilts and desires.

The New York Times

"This is convoluted stuff, and Mr. Jahnke has yet to shape it in a way that gives it clarity and meaning...This production has the feel of a highly designed workshop, a dry run for an ambitious piece that’s still finding its form...The show is filled with striking imagery...The various repetitions, both visual and aural, ought to cohere and build on one another, but instead they merely accumulate...The themes Mr. Jahnke means to explore are lost in the psychic clamor of the piece." Full Review

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