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Amerike – The Golden Land

Amerike – The Golden Land NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Great singing, Entertaining, Relevant, Delightful, Resonant

About the Show

National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene presents Zalmen Mlotek and Moishe Rosenfeld’s musical, which chronicles Jewish immigration and assimilation.

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Absorbing, Enchanting, Epic, Relevant

See it if wish to see great talent and a masterful story of life in America -The Golden Land as seen/felt by the early 20th century Jewish immigrants.

Don't see it if have trouble with the language. The titles should have been larger and perhaps posted on the sides of the stage. Read more

Delightful, Great singing, Relevant, Cliched

See it if you enjoy great music and insight into an immigrant experience that in many respects is no different than that of all immigrants.

Don't see it if you expect a rich story with character development.

Critic Reviews (17)

August 3rd, 2017

"Toggles between friendly gibes at American culture and somber accounts of past hardships. Revues typically invite more playfulness than 'Amerike' allows, though it finds its heart in moments of self-aware mugging...The musical’s attempts to encapsulate such horrors as the Triangle factory fire in three-minute songs feel rushed and didactic...'Amerike' mostly aims to educate museum-goers and share in nostalgia for Jewish-American culture of yore—and at that it succeeds."
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July 20th, 2017

"The first two-thirds can feel static...But by the end, when the cast makes a plea for immigration of all kinds, the emotion has grown palpably contemporary...We’re here for deep cuts from the Yiddish songbook, and they don’t disappoint...Bryna Wasserman deftly directs the large, talented ensemble, but the best moments are solos...No nostalgic cobweb can long survive the brave sound of klezmer, played with a full heart and as loud as the clarinet can blow."
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July 10th, 2017

"Weaving incredible stories with fantastic songs, multimedia and choreography, the show creates a dynamic portrayal of the Jewish people who immigrated to the United States...Besides a great history lesson, this was a jam-packed, unforgettable evening of non-stop entertainment...'Amerike' is a beautiful piece of theatre. It's everyone's story...See 'Amerike' for an important reminder that will leave a smile and a song in your heart."
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July 18th, 2017

“A brisk, funny, and touching musical revue…The judiciously chosen songs powerfully evoke the tumultuous experiences of four very crowded decades…This is a golden opportunity to sample the work of the Yiddish theatre's most prominent songwriters…At this moment, especially, its essentially upbeat account of immigrants and what they contribute to American culture couldn't be more relevant. This, and its abundance of musical riches, make it a more-than-welcome visitor.”
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July 10th, 2017

"A rousing, if episodic, look back. Stellar performances by 14 actors—we’re talking Broadway caliber—bring the heyday of Yiddishkeit into sharp focus...Bryna Wasserman’s direction is spot-on, and lighting shifts, photographic projections, and quickly changing period costumes enhance the production. That said, this is not a history lesson, and there is not much of a narrative thread holding the 41 song and dance numbers together."
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August 14th, 2017

"A uniformly superb cast of 12 actors handles the demands of language, song and acting with terrific energy – briskly paced and staged by director Bryna Wasserman...Ultimately full-bodied entertainment, with a wide spectrum of pathos, dramatic substance and comedy...What does the story of the Jews have to do with the rest of us? The answer is: everything. Sure, the revue is entertaining, but beyond that it speaks to the totality of the American experience."
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July 10th, 2017

"When Jewish immigrants first came to America from Eastern Europe, they thought the streets would be paved with gold...All this and much more is related in National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene's wonderful revival...It features a seven-piece klezmer band on stage and a talented cast of 12 singers, dancers and actors who effortlessly take the audience back to a world of hunger and hope."
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July 11th, 2017

"The immigrant experience for people from every land has more similarities than differences. 'Amerike–The Golden Land' manages to capture that brilliantly...A universal and leveling experience, no matter what your ethnic background...Director Bryna Wasserman keeps the pace, places and years moving quickly and recognizably…Even more remarkable are the performances of the cast...This is a show that will please the whole family from 10-year-old Junior to 90-year-old great grandma."
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July 11th, 2017

“There are stirring moments…But one longs for more of them. The show doesn’t quite reach the heights of Folksbiene’s recent productions, which would admittedly be a tall order. A stumbling block is the surface familiarity of some of the subject matter, or what one can more bluntly call the schmaltz factor...It is important to point out that the creative team works hard to unearth period songs intelligently and present them authentically. There is also much loveliness in the production.”
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July 12th, 2017

"The revival of this heartfelt tribute to Jewish immigration's place in American history couldn't come at a better time…The show's surprises lie not in its historical facts but in how appealing are its less well-known songs…The overall tone is upbeat and positive, with swelling voices, vaudeville-style choreography, and cheerful comedy. It's inescapable that the 90-minute, intermissionless show, which offers a brief klezmer concert during the curtain calls, will get a standing o."
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August 13th, 2017

"You are struck by three things. One, how timely this piece is; two, what amazing voices this company has; and three, there is an agenda here...The 14 actors are vocally astounding and weave this story together seamlessly...The direction and movement were well done and moved this show at a clip...The script compacts too many things into 90 minutes...What is powerful are the songs, which seem to be a jukebox of songs from the period."
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July 13th, 2017

"As movingly, rousingly done as ever. If not more so...‘The Golden Land' has meaning for immigrants no matter from where they’ve traveled...Before the hour-and-a-half has elapsed, 12 excellent cast members, directed by Brynna Wasserman, 41 songs by any number of songwriters float by. There’s much pertinent dialogue...As the best Manhattan musicals on view these days are listed, ‘Amerike The Golden Land’ should—and will be—among them."
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August 6th, 2017

"The lively, hugely moving work is an economical, but poignant 90 minutes...The musical, a series of legendary Yiddish songs, neatly navigates the Jews’ journey from arrival, at the turn of the 20th century, through the Depression to a post-Holocaust America...This essential revival is lean and smartly paced. While it has a nostalgic element, it is never maudlin. This is reality tinged with hope. The ensemble is super-talented, all terrific singers, dancers and actors."
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July 24th, 2017

"Now we have another show in town to remind us that immigrants get the job done. It’s everyone’s story, albeit one that is experienced by different people at different times...Wasserman has staged songs and sketches in lickety-split fashion. She’s also cast it superbly. Perlman is the standout, for his charming smile, deft singing and sharp footwork are matched by his endearing lack of guile...Be aware that Yiddish is the language of choice here...Excellent supertitles take care of that issue."
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July 14th, 2017

"You get a punchy, soulful eight-piece orchestra, and a cast of 12 including chorus. And oy, mamaleh, what can these people not do?...Sure, it’s a pageant. It’s very earnest...These immigrants are not hardened or embittered, or neurotic or difficult in any way. They love each other, and they break into song regularly. But as the host demonstrates for us in her WEVD Yiddish Radio cooking show, a little schmaltz makes things transportingly delicious."
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July 10th, 2017

"Takes us into Yiddishkeit and Yiddishland with all the requisite humor and pathos...A panoramic tapestry of Jewish immigrant life...Wasserman’s direction delineates for each actor a distinct personality in each scene and yet shapes the ensemble into flexible groupings that underscore the social aspect of the Jewish immigrant experience...The journey through the turbulent life of Yiddishland comes thus to an end and the audience like a huge family reunion is on its feet with joy."
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August 2nd, 2017

“In ‘Amerike,’ Allen and Marcus display their effortless skill at comedy…Stephanie Lynne Mason and Alexandra Frohlinger deserve mention, as does David Perlman, who portrays the classic Jewish schlemiel to perfection…Kahn forcefully performs several numbers...Kahn gives a moving performance, seamlessly making the transition from Yiddish rock star to portly operetta-singer on the Yiddish stage. He also excels in the comic Yiddish radio scenes.”
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