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Members say: Gutsy, Ambitious, Edgy, Intense, Twisted

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Written and performed by Jody Christopherson, this multi-media solo horror piece is based on the creation of Mary Shelley’s 'Frankenstein,' the discovery of “animal electricity,” and the birth of modern feminism.  More…

'AMP' is an exploration of harnessing the universal forces within as paths to freedom and gender equality. This is a work that connects history to present day to explore the progress we have made, and the dreams we have yet to achieve. Who are our monsters and what does that mean for a society? Can being revolting become a revolution? An electrical current. A modern Prometheus. An investigation of gender, sexuality, Galvani, Mary Shelley, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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Gutsy, Ambitious, Edgy, Intense, Twisted

Ambitious, Edgy, Intense, Gutsy, Twisted

See it if you're committed to raw, dizzying, experimental, very non-linear indie theater. Bravely acted, albeit weak on the multi media tech stuff

Don't see it if you want a linear narrative, whimsical storytelling or traditional theater. It is not for everyone. It's raw, bold, & flawed but impactful

December 21st, 2017
"‘AMP’ is a fierce burst of inspiration and madness...Inspired by early electro-medical research, the accounts of mental patients, and the writings of Mary Shelley, Christopherson’s solo show treads this continuum, using electricity as a metaphor for mankind’s genius and monstrosity...The words '...
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December 18th, 2017
"Christopherson's attention to detail in bringing forth this historical tale is painstaking and impressive. Coupled with the sound and projection skills of Martha Goode, it is a finely-tuned ballet of sight, sound, and graphic horror...However, there was no real connection between what was happen...
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December 14th, 2017
"A beautiful, Romantic cello soundtrack floats through it all, thanks to sound designer (and projection designer and producer) Martha Goode...This scary and enjoyable piece brings back a sense of wonder about monsters...Jody Christopherson gives us several believable performances...Anna’s earnest...
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December 10th, 2017
"Christopherson's play does excellent work engaging with the gender politics of 19th-century Romanticism and their unfortunate twentieth-century analogs. Christopherson herself is riveting in a demanding onstage role, and makes both Mary and Anna complex and compelling in differing but complement...
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