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Horizon Theatre Repertory, dedicated to presenting seldom-produced masterpieces, presents the story of a man accused of terrorism, and the aftermath of consequences for his family and community.

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Theater Pizzazz
July 8th, 2015

"With challenging complexity, 'Araberlin' examines the cross-currents of the Arab Spring and its consequences throughout the Arab world and beyond. It is a multilayered play with enigmatic characters and often stilted dialogue...Mokhtar’s speech, like most of the speeches in the play is a poetic, strangely formal statement, delivered facing the audience...'Araberlin' digs into the fear, suspicion and violent hatred prevalent in society today."
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NY Theatre Guide
July 7th, 2015

"The scenes are mixed and the chronology of the play can at times be confusing...'Araberlin' is trying to say so many things at once that it may benefit from a simpler production and better pacing. It is simultaneously horrifying and overwhelming, tugging at the heartstring of a generation that can no longer trust and diagnosing our greatest fears that in ridiculing our neighbor simply because of his or her ethnic background, the terrorists have indeed won."
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