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At The Table

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About the show

From GLAAD award-winning writer/director Michael Perlman and Fault Line Theatre, HERE Arts Center presents a drama about an annual get together of longtime friends, where booze flows, and truths are told. More…

"At The Table" features a diverse group of friends on their annual retreat away from the city. Expecting good times and casual conversation, they find themselves in a struggle to define their own identities. As liquor flows and tongues loosen, no subject is taboo and no issue is safe. While exploring whom they believe themselves to be, they discover how others see them and where they stand in the ever-changing landscape of 21st century politics.

The New York Times

"That the friends frequently talk over one another, making it difficult to discern what anyone is saying, is part of the point in this overloaded ensemble piece. Seemingly so is the fact that we rarely have a clear view of everyone in this crowded house...I was almost always able to see them, while my view of the other actors was more often impeded. The overall effect is less thought provoking than alienating. The audience isn’t invited to the table, even as onlookers. But then what are we do... Full Review

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