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Carly J. Bauer Productions and Mark Brystowski, in association with Untitled Theater Collective present a revival of Leslye Headland’s pitch-black comedy about female frenemies. More…

When narcissistic mean girls Gena, Katie, and Regan descend upon a former friend’s wedding night, it is prime time for misbehaving. 'Bachelorette' explores the incredulous inner and outer lives of three over-medicated, toxic women seeking validation by any means. In the early morning hours of Becky’s wedding day friendships will be tested, lines will be cut, messes will be made, and no one makes it out unscathed. This shows begs the question: Are the self-destructive worth saving?

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Raunchy, Entertaining, Funny, Relevant, Edgy
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Indulgent, Cliched, Overdone, Entertaining

See it if perennial premise done with little novelty. All shades of self indulgence. Gotta love Mean Girls to begin with. Uneven talent.

Don't see it if It has potential but needs better reining of some actors. Less is more. Production is more cheap looking than usual off-off.

Cliched, Disappointing, Entertaining, Uneven

See it if You like watching catty female drama (Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, Vanderpump Rules etc.) Has some funny moments.

Don't see it if Production isn't great. Acting all over the place. Katie is SO obnoxious/over the top/distracting at start. Really detracts from enjoyment.

Also The show has potential, the execution is not great but if the actors c... Read more Read less

What happens to girls gone wild when they grow up

See it if /for searing portrait of self-hatred/self-destructive behavior of young women who define their lives based on status of relationships w/ men

Don't see it if /since satire of over-the-top hedonistic behavior evokes no laughs, acting uneven; this is shadow of acclaimed 2010 production

Intense, Indulgent, Fluffy, First preview issues, Disappointing

See it if you are a millennial who loves watching actors performing characters based on yourself, if somewhat over doing it; you like "mean girls".

Don't see it if millennials bore you, with their foul language, "like" talk, self absorption, and self destructiveness. May improve as performances progres

Disappointing, Banal, Excruciating, Slow, Indulgent

See it if you enjoy watching selfish bitches cursing for 90 minutes. Doesn't get interesting until the last character enters with just 15 min. to go.

Don't see it if if you have something better to do.

Entertaining, Dated, Cliched, Intense, Overrated

See it if You want to watch 90 minutes of terrible behavior.

Don't see it if You find it hard to watch insecure young women being so hard on themselves and others.

Edgy, Original, Raunchy, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if A show for generation Xers that are hip and open minded to today's youth

Don't see it if Older theatregoers will be turned off by the tough language and goings on with these four women.

Raunchy, Clever, Funny, Absorbing, Relevant

See it if Raunchy absorbing account of self absorbed late 20 somethings. Some almost missing all humanity

Don't see it if Object to obscenity and excessive bad behavior

Also Interesting discussion of strategy of oral sex. Sex and City on steroi... Read more Read less

Banal, Disappointing, Dated, Slow

See it if You're a glutton for punishment or if you missed it the first time around and just want to see the play.

Don't see it if You are expecting it to live up to the hype of the original production. With a few exceptions this cast and director don't deliver.

Entertaining, Intelligent, Relevant, Cliched, Intense

See it if you're a millennial who wants to see some hard truths, enjoys depictions of drug-taking and excessive drinking, don't mind cliche characters

Don't see it if you don't care about the selfie-millennial generation; are bored by whining; angered by fat shaming; upset by scenes of near-fatal drugging.

Edgy, Raunchy, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

See it if You want to see strong female characters embrace darker sides of their personality, and a unique story on rich, young, white people.

Don't see it if Topic isn't for you. Also writing felt unfinished.

Laughless, Excruciating

See it if Comedy is hard to get right, & it goes horribly wrong in this mess of a play where barely polite laughs could be heard between punchlines

Don't see it if I'm 2 for 2 on disappointment with this playwright, so she's clearly not my cup of tea.

Edgy, Raunchy, Quirky, Intense, Riveting

See it if Like to watch funny shows about women getting wasted and go wild. Don't

Don't see it if Don't appreciate drunk humor or rough language

Funny, Great acting, Edgy, Absorbing, Dark

See it if you're looking for an interesting show with great acting. Definitely has the mean girls vibe but somehow these mean girls are more likeable

Don't see it if you're uncomfortable with sex scenes and discussions. Lots of foul language too.

Undercooked, Raunchy, Dated, Cynical

See it if you're so committed to loving a "girls can behave badly and be unlikable too!" mantra that you forgive a pretty pedestrian production.

Don't see it if you expected any depth or a lot of laughs - however few laugh lines in the script were stepped on by a cast that seemed under-rehearsed.

Absorbing, Great writing, Funny, Raunchy, Intense

See it if You are obsessed with millennial culture and narcissism. Or of you want to feel a little disturbed by the end of the show.

Don't see it if you are not a fan of profanity or simulated drug or sex use. Or if you missed it.

Cliched, Edgy, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if You are a 20 or 30 y/o. This play reflects much of our culture, in a self-reflective way. Great production!

Don't see it if You are looking for cast diversity or have little interest in contemporary, every day drama. Although, the underlying messages are great.

Absorbing, Funny, Great writing, Intense, Raunchy

See it if you like high energy from the start or if you missed this play in 2010. Strong choices from the whole cast - thoroughly entertained

Don't see it if you dislike obscenities or simulated sex. This show gets pretty dirty. not for the faint of heart.

Overrated, Great staging, Entertaining, Insipid, Slow

See it if You love drama. This show is mainly a guy playing with a whole bunch of girls' feelings and it's pretty dramatic.

Don't see it if You don't like fake set ups very much. A lot of the show (not saying all of it) is staged. Most of the time it's acting.

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Dark, Comical

See it if You enjoy a dark comedy set in an environment where tooty fruity martinis are sipped and a "safe amount" of cocaine snorted.

Don't see it if You're looking for a light-hearted laugh with a happy ending.

Funny, Quirky, Raunchy, Edgy, Entertaining

See it if Definitely for the younger audience

Don't see it if You are conservative

Funny, Great acting, Hilarious, Relevant

See it if Totally selfish characters that are unfortunately running wild in society. Holds a mirror up to the millennial 'selfie' generation.

Don't see it if You don't like the truth.


See it if you can handle a shocking night of debauchery that exposes the toxicity of a generation that longs for redemption. Exceptional surrealism!

Don't see it if you don't want to be invited to a party that excites, escalates, and makes you SCREAM, LAUGH and CRY!

September 16th, 2016
"A first-rate new revival…This production festers with as much dark intensity as the blistering original...Headland's smartly crafted script gives each person her or his due. Similarly, Headland's brutally funny, wickedly heartbreaking dialogue helps define each character's personality with great...
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September 13th, 2016
“This revival of Leslye Headland’s 2010 comedy is as caustic and outrageous as ever. While looking ahead to a wedding day is supposed to generate feelings of excitement and bliss, this is often times not the case with several different personalities in the same room. It can be a very stress...
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September 13th, 2016
"Young, single women trapped in the limbo between responsibility and hedonism. Headland’s gift is that she doesn’t push them into choosing a side, at least not before they’re ready. This comes to the surface beautifully in the revival, as director Hannah T. Wolff allows them to be as ugly as they...
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