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Bethel Park Falls

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Presented free in Central Park, Everyday Inferno's new drama centers around the residents of the small town of Bethel who facing a crisis: their beloved park has been sold out from under them. More…

The sudden shift has also made them realize they're more connected to each other and the nature around them than ever before. Now they must act on it. Through seven interconnected vignettes, the sixteen citizens lose their jobs, homes, and spouses but find love, faith, courage, and forgiveness. Spanning the four seasons of the year, the park magically transforms over a single day.

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“Explores community and how we can be responsible to loved ones and strangers alike...A series of vignettes set in a public park fated to become a construction site...As we meet more characters in the park we learn how they’re all connected...Zagrobelny’s clever use of the outdoor space ensures that each scene flows seamlessly into the next...The actors truly tie the production together as they find ways to make each of Pizzarello's characters unique...A sweet summer show." Full Review

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