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Bread and Puppet Theater makes its annual pilgrimage to NYC with this anarchic puppet critique of our capitalist world.

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In 'The Whatforward Circus,' puppeteers, brass players, and percussionists examine the passions and politics of our capitalist culture, and make real (and unreal), against-the-grain proposals to identify and fight the anonymous monster. Featuring Mongolian hordes, singing toilets, and stilted flying businessmen!

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Boston Globe

for a previous production "A nearly 60-minute cavalcade of vibrant circus animal puppet acts, and delightful dances …Founder and artistic director Peter Schumann once again creates vibrant and evocative clouds, waves, animals, and trees from the simplest combinations of color and papier mache…In this festive circus format, Bread and Puppet raises awareness about issues of social justice in ways that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. And the bread is good, too." Full Review

The Arts Fuse

for a previous production "Topics that called for farce, drama, or satire were reduced to feel-good images and naïve dichotomies…A generation that came of age with Stewart’s 'Daily Show' expects to be given some information when a news story is lampooned. All Schumann offers is stupid villains and innocent victims…There are, however, moments of raucous anarchy that are exhilarating enough to banish second thoughts…So a good time is to had, but true believers will be entertained the most." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

Clever, Entertaining, Fun

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