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Theater for the New City presents an existential clownesque escapade devised by Washington D.C.'s Happenstance Theater. More…

Inspired by images of refugees fleeing on foot, Edwardian workers, cinematic treasures like 'La Strada' and 'The Seventh Seal,' and the dark comedy of Samuel Beckett, 'BrouHaHa' is an escapade that sees Happenstance Theater's troupe of eccentrics walking the precipice at the end of the world. 

Theatre is Easy

“The band of misfits is a charming cacophony...A charming experience that makes you laugh until you realize there are tears in your eyes...The company turns serious political matters into something poetic and simple, without losing substance. Mortality and departure, explored in depth yet with a touch of lightheartedness...The group's physical comedy and seamless collaboration result in 80 minutes of highly energetic performance.” Full Review


for a previous production "A fluid convergence of bodily poetry and auditory movement...A remarkably insightful adventure into the end of the world comes to the stage for you to ponder and enjoy...Consistently committed to the character’s quirks, there are moments when watching Hansen is all one wants to do...A marvelous exploration of physicality that mesmerizes the mind when it comes to pondering the end of existence, 'BrouHaHa' is a terrific treat." Full Review

MD Theatre Guide

for a previous production "The cast comes with an abundance of talent rooted in physical comedy, pantomime and just plain clowning around...The end of the world is not so tragic in the hands of this very talented troupe. Each actor is a distinct character...These characters choose to approach the possibility of the end with humor and fun. If you are not well versed in the existential influences, it doesn’t matter. It is always a sheer pleasure to watch this group of actors perform." Full Review


for a previous production "If I frighten you with words like existential, avant garde, absurdist, ironic, and non-linear, let me reassure you with words like lyrical, endearing, vulnerable, stalwart, and hopeful...The crew of Happenstance gives us a mere six personages with whom to identify, commiserate, and converse...The performers of Happenstance Theater engage, intrigue, cavort, emote, and display both physical precision and a remarkable range of organically produced sound effects." Full Review

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