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Members say: Great acting, Profound, Great direction, Ambitious, Riveting

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Part of FringeNYC: A writer learns: Freedom is a Bitch. Seeking meaning, he leaves his family, career and...gets mugged by geese. Struggles with homelessness, loss, love and the 1%. After years of searching: is there redemption? More…

Categories: Drama, Solo Show, Local. From Buddy-Pal Productions. Written by George Klas. Directed by Scott Klavan.

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Great acting, Profound, Great direction, Ambitious, Riveting
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Riveting, Great acting, Great writing, Great direction, Profound

See it if you enjoy seeing a single actor masterfully create an entire world with no set and virtually no props.

Don't see it if the story of a man's life, turning out very different from what he'd expected, does not appeal to you.

Ambitious, Great acting, Profound

See it if you like a great story about hope and failure. About winning but still losing. About recognition but not getting what you deserve. Survival.

Don't see it if you really want to see some geese.

Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Great story. Very timely. Kept my attention from the moment it started to the very end.

Don't see it if You like poorly written material

August 21st, 2016
"There is nothing limiting about a show that tells the story of one very specific struggle through life. 'Canada Geese' shines best in its details and commitment. It also asks important questions; in our contemporary moment of political turmoil and social upheaval, the question of what freedom ac...
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