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City Girls and Desperadoes

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About the show

The Secret Theatre presents the story of a rag-tag band of accidental outlaws, all trying to stay afloat while swimming through their own grief.

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This new play tells the story of three broken-hearted hipsters in 1977 NYC. They include a fragile reject of the "American Dream," whose flight from suburbia has led her into the arms of a middle-aged Jewish man. A man who is trying to avoid both himself and his culpability in the death of a young woman. Thirdly, his wife who has failed to provide the emotional refuge she'd promised and an oh-so-much younger actor who believes he is their salvation and always just one audition away from Hollywood nights.

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"A colorful and vivacious if intermittently frustrating comedy-drama that recalls a heady, addled, junkie-intellectual subculture of the 1970s...Smoothly paced for most of the way, the production did run into a few potholes...The production’s rewards overcame my frustrations in the end." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

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