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Dido of Idaho

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EST’s Youngblood presents this scathing new play about a hard-drinking musicologist who seeks out her estranged mother. A horrifying comedy about love, despair, and maybe, eventually, hope. More…

Nina is struggling with a colleague/lover who is dragging his feet about leaving his beauty-queen wife. When her hijinks land her at rock bottom, she goes on a quest to get counsel from the only source she has left: her evangelical mom.

2h 0m | Already closed | Ensemble Studio Theatre (Midtown W)

Lighting & Sound America

"With its train-wreck heroine, classical-literature references, brutally candid cast of supporting characters, and wild twists, it quickly develops an audacious quality all its own...If the play sometimes shifts gears wildly, the director, Mikhaela Mahony, wields an efficient stick shift, and she gets skillful performances from her cast...Anyone who can combine mistaken-identity farce with brutal violence, feminist analysis, and a scene of hard-won forgiveness is clearly a writer to watch." Full Review

Off Off Online

"As a playwright, Rosebrock brings an invigorating new voice to the stage...'Dido' careens from high-minded laughs to cutthroat rage to soft-edged dreamscape...The result is a crash course in self-respect and surviving betrayal, be it romantic, familial, or self-inflicted...Given a project full of risky physicality, twisty plot turns and obscure references, director Mikhaela Mahoney and her dynamic company provide a powerhouse interpretation of Rosebrock’s clever script." Full Review

Front Row Center

"Although the production could use a defter hand at the helm, the play takes surprising twists that turn our preconceptions upside down, and keeps us riveted to our seats...Rosebrock’s script is witty, perceptive and well-paced. But it’s also very nuanced...Many of the production choices (or lack thereof) did not serve the play as well as they should have...The script is excellent and there is some outstanding acting." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"The cultural storylines of romantic dramas are as familiar as those of ancient myths or modern reality shows, but Rosebrock upends these narratives to find humor and truth beneath them...Female empathy forms a redemptive balm to the flawed world in which the characters operate, and the play’s women share appealing chemistry...'Dido’s' core message is one of empowerment, pushing us to actively change the internal and socialized damage we lament." Full Review

Front Mezz Junkies

"As directed by Mikhaela Mahony with a somewhat unfocused all-over-the-place eye that does eventually offer up some solid and surprising doses of tension, humor, and horror, the play goes dark quickly...Powerful and deep, the balance of comedy and surreal destruction is at moments muddled, as are the first few scenes of love and self-help, but this story of love and despair holds together at the end of Nora’s voyage." Full Review

Time Out New York

"Rosebrock pushes her comedy into darker-than-dark territory with bold flourishes (including rapid-fire dialogue) and a mind-bending second-act twist...Mahony establishes a broadly comedic tone that doesn’t fully encompass 'Dido of Idaho's' disturbing underpinnings; instead of being prepared for its alarming detours, we feel like we just got punked. Ultimately, this smart and amusing play has the same problem as its central figure: It doesn't quite live up to its potential." Full Review

The New York Times

"Morbidly charming...Hilariously off-kilter and engrossing at the start...Even when the romantic trio seem too aware of the laughs, watching them is a delight. That is until the end of the first act, when the play takes a sharp turn with a grisly fight scene that, while artfully choreographed, raises a dramatic hurdle that the script can’t clear...For all its daring subversion of expectations, the play takes a sharp left turn out of familiar territory, only to lose its way." Full Review

Sad, Funny, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

See it if Funny, but some violence fighting. Great acting, enjoyable and sad.

Don't see it if violence, deal with learning self love.

Clever, Intelligent, Relevant, Great writing

See it if you want to see an exceptionally well written new play.

Don't see it if the current social climate and news is not of interest to you.

Also How wonderful to hear from a new young woman playwright, Abby Rosebroc... Read more Read less

Clever, Delightful, Intelligent, Must see, Entertaining

See it if you want to see a new play written by a new voice in the theatre: Abby Rosebrock. Rosebrock takes risks and they pay off beautifully!

Don't see it if you do not like new plays. There is another reason, but that would be a SPOILER.

Funny, Absorbing, Ambitious, Great acting, Intelligent

See it if You like a great play by a newish playwright in an intimate space (99 seats) and great acting and story Set was impressive and the writing!!

Don't see it if You thrive only on big musicals. That is really the only thing I can think of. This is great theatre.

Also The intelligence and understanding behind the writing of this play is ... Read more Read less

Clever, Great acting, Intense, Great writing, Great staging

See it if You want to see a play that has great writing, acting and staging with twists and turns and edginess this is it.

Don't see it if You don't want to laugh and almost cry and see how peoples lives are affected by the choices they made and by the people around them.

Also I was thoroughly entertained. I laughed so much and I was on the edge ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Great acting, Intense, Riveting

See it if You're interested in people and what motivates them.

Don't see it if You can't handle violence.

Funny, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You enjoy a deep entertaining show.

Don't see it if If you get troubled by a bit of violence .

Absorbing, Clever, Quirky

See it if You like shows about women's empowerment and like some over the top satire

Don't see it if You dislike shows that want to make a political/psychological statement or a tired of the women's empowerment enhancing self esteem theme

Also At first I was a little confused about the combination of naturalism a... Read more Read less

Great writing, Entertaining, Great staging, Nice humor-pathos mix

See it if you want to see a well-staged contemporary play by, and featuring, a talented young writer.

Don't see it if you need to avoid on-stage violence. This play contains a very realistic and bloody assault.

Funny, Clever, Edgy, Great acting, Great writing

See it if You like smart sexy characters delivering sharply observed dialogue in a fast-moving play with several surprising plot twists.

Don't see it if You are tired of plays about professors having affairs or about adult children having issues with their parents

Also One of the special pleasures of this play is that the playwright Abby ... Read more Read less

Funny, Clever, Great acting, Must see, Great writing

See it if you want to experience the most violent and believable fight scene I've ever witnessed live. Both funny and sad, all around a must see.

Don't see it if You don't like violence or have any interest in mending relationships that are broken.

Funny, Edgy, Great acting, Dramatic farce, Great timing

See it if farce with a dramatic punch, the funniest on stage drunk scene ever and astounding reversals make for your idea of a great performance.

Don't see it if marriage issues cause triggering events for you. Feminism makes you nervous. You hate the opera Dido and Aeneas.

Great acting, Relevant, Riveting, Great writing, Great staging

See it if You are interested in what can be done to use a classic story/opera and update the time and language and lose the plot.

Don't see it if You can’t watch bloody physical violence portrayed right in front of you. You don’t like plays based on classic drama.

Absorbing, Clever, Intelligent, Resonant

See it if Relationships mattter... lovers, husband and wife, mother and daughter woman and woman . One asks oneself 'When Do We Learn"?

Don't see it if you do not like to be almost in the show. Great intimate theater

Absorbing, Ambitious, Clever, Edgy, Entertaining

See it if You like Dido and Anaeis tale/baroque opera and want to see contemporary take on theme of love triangle-great acting, scenic design. writing

Don't see it if You might feel the production is a bit histrionic, and a fight scene too violent and graphic, but this is an interesting new play-go anyway.

Clever, Edgy, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if I enjoyed the content as well as the acting

Don't see it if Dont see it if real life issues make you uncomfortable

Absorbing, Clever, Great acting

See it if An engaging, well-acted play with some interesting ideas.

Don't see it if There is a small amount of stage violence.

Also Dido of Idaho name-checks the story of Dido and Aeneas. In the Aeneid,... Read more Read less

Clever, Intense, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Great writing

See it if you enjoy a quirky absorbing stories about relationships and coming of age.

Don't see it if If you don't like to see violence and stage blood.

Great acting, Great staging, Unique

See it if you like unusual theater experiences... Interesting use of stage space and set design...

Don't see it if you don't like shows staged in very small out of the way theaters...

Clever, Great acting, Riveting, Great writing

See it if you can handle dark humor.

Don't see it if you want something light, or you're sensitive to portrayals of violence.

Also The first act outshone the 2nd a bit, but that's the only criticism I ... Read more Read less

Funny, Great acting, Intelligent, Riveting, Great writing

See it if You enjoy smart theater in an intimate space. Well written, wonderfully acted. Smart and funny. Quirky and sometimes sad.

Don't see it if You don't like strong women casts that don't pull their punches. A little warm in the theater, but that's hardly a complaint. A little gore.

Ambitious, Edgy, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Great writing

See it if Rosebrock's pitch-black comedy is wildly ambitious, literate & hellbent on "righting a few wrongs" Khosh's Nora is overblown but heartfelt

Don't see it if Structurally shaky in 2nd Act (magic-realism! with Nora's mother a complex gorgon) but concepts of forgiveness & a higher power balance plot

Funny, Intelligent, Profound

See it if you're interested in a discussion of self-love x trauma-based compulsory behavior, like dark, funny shows.

Don't see it if you're not interested in topical shows or do not enjoy humor that arises from pain.

Also Very interesting idea cleverly executed - the core of the show is how ... Read more Read less

Great writing

See it if You enjoy good dialogue and surprises.

Don't see it if Not a happy story but a lot of humor along the way.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Intelligent, Resonant

See it if You like great theatre!

Don't see it if You want to miss in the good stuff that is happening in ny!

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