Divine Horsemen
Closed 1h 25m
Divine Horsemen

Divine Horsemen NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Great acting, Absorbing, Intense, Edgy, Entertaining

About the Show

Primitive Grace Theater Ensemble presents this world premiere drama about three down-and-out men trying to make one big score.

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716 Reviews | 219 Followers
Intense, Edgy, Masterful, Disturbing, Cathartic

See it if Desperate trio courts the devil, with devastating consequences. Violent, yet ultimately a satisfying morality tale. Excellent acting.

Don't see it if Extremely dark humor. Graphic descriptions of violent acts to people and animals. Four flight walk-up to theater.

520 Reviews | 107 Followers
Great acting, Needs a tune up

See it if You want to see some great acting in a really small space

Don't see it if Want to see something that is polished and complete Read more

459 Reviews | 117 Followers
Entertaining, Edgy, Great acting, Intense

See it if well written fast paced stories are enjoyable, even if they aren't terribly profound

Don't see it if violence, whether psychotic, socio-economic, or protective, is something you can't tolerate. Read more

435 Reviews | 126 Followers
Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing, Relevant, Raunchy

See it if you enjoy gritty, raw and non-PC theater which is nearly too realistic. Violence against people, animals, the disabled; women are disparaged

Don't see it if you don't enjoy any of the above; not for the squeemish, especially description of cruelty to animals, women as nags; very dark humor Read more

414 Reviews | 59 Followers
Powerful, Great acting, Gritty, Realistic, Resonant

See it if you are interested in a fast paced crime drama with spots of humor. The acting is amazing, powerful with well choreographed fight scenes.

Don't see it if you are easily offended by remarks and behavior that are anti-women and cruel to animals and the handicapped. Bad men doing bad things.

308 Reviews | 56 Followers
Great acting, Funny, Fast paced

See it if Bring a friend who's not into theater but loves gangster/crime caper films. Great street-a-logue (I made that word up)

Don't see it if One of the actors was clearly out of his league. He slowed things down a bit. The other two are knockouts. Needs some pauses for laughter.

243 Reviews | 59 Followers
About time there was a production of this, See this while you can !!!!

See it if You loved the Labyrinth Theater of the early 2000s - See it if you like raw story lines about tough neighborhoods - see if you liked FARGO

Don't see it if U R looking for light fare or are challenged by rapid dialogue - Don't see it if u don't like grit - don't see it if you hated Pulp Fiction Read more

245 Reviews | 35 Followers
Entertaining, Great acting, Resonant, Intense, Violent

See it if you enjoy intense drama with some laughs and racial humor

Don't see it if you are offended by profanity, politically incorrect language and acts of violence Read more

Critic Reviews (7)

The New York Times
January 18th, 2018

“Calderon writes florid, rapid-fire New Yorkese, which is necessary because his characters’ gift of gab is all they have. Yet it all feels a little forced, as if the play was going down a checklist of tough-guy tropes...The best dramas dealing with violence use it to uncover greater truths about human nature. No such revelation happens in ‘Divine Horsemen,’ whose petty ruffians somehow make tragedy feel small.”
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Theatre is Easy
January 22nd, 2018

"This high-stakes drama is jam-packed with fast-paced banter...To be clear, zipping from wit to explosive violence is quite the feat, and the ensemble meets the challenge...But when you take away the punches, the New Yorkese, and the over-abundance of machismo, there isn't much else...A production showcasing toxic masculinity and ableism without any self-reflection makes for an awkward participant in the conversation of current events."
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Stage Buddy
January 18th, 2018

"Calderon's script piques our interest from the very beginning. He also plays the intimidating Willie and has the audience in the palm of his hand from his first entrance, completely comfortable on stage and within his body. Every performer in this play was outstanding...All in all, 'Divine Horsemen' is at once interesting and heartbreaking, and well worth the experience."
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Times Square Chronicles
January 16th, 2018

“Though it feels like every other mob story, 'Divine Horsemen’ tells an engrossing story with sensational actors. It's easy to get swept up in the action and go along for the ride...While the play doesn’t delve very deeply into the characters’ motivations, it covers a spectrum of themes...It is an incredible delight to see such compelling actors onstage together....An intriguing portrayal of hungry men on the down-and-out side of life.”
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January 28th, 2018

"Calderon’s dialogue captures the cadences and embellishments that distinguish New York Street-speak. He and Zayas make the most of their staccato exchanges and imagistic monologues...For all its vitality, 'Divine Horseman' is still in a raw stage of its development. It needs a more even pace, and a smoother execution of its fight choreography. Most likely, though, if the production gets the longer, better-funded run it deserves, these rough edges will correct themselves."
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January 14th, 2018

"The play explores morality among unapologetic men. Their downfall is precipitated by what they perceive as weakness and how they attempt to protect themselves. Zayas paints his strength with vulnerability...Deblinger’s Raffi has the exuberance of a proper show-stopper, but captures the poetry of the piece with a striking immediacy. Calderón has realized an authentic and complex piece in a limited setting."
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Stage and Cinema
January 13th, 2018

"Calderon’s staging possesses a thoughtfully constructed sense of unease that undeniably provokes urgency. Although the narrative often seems a little slight, the tension is beautifully rendered...The drama’s dialogue is intimate and strangely organic, with patter that is full of profanity and brittle edge...It’s the character work that ultimately carries the piece: The repartee between Zayas’s surprisingly subtle Iffy and Calderon’s brutish Willie is particularly compelling."
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