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Members say: Thought-provoking, Great staging

About the show

Girl Be Heard presents a documentary theater and dance piece addressing the issue of eating disorders and the 55 billion-dollar-a-year diet industry. More…

Based on interviews with people of all ages and all genders conducted by Girl Be Heard ensemble members, 'Embodi(ED)' is a new theater piece. It demands media accountability in how images of “beauty” are used against women, fueling a culture of body and food obsession that feeds into eating disorders and a dangerous economic investment in maintaining a culture of hatred for women’s bodies.

Times Square Chronicles

"'Embodi(ED)' deals with the specific issue of the almost unbearable pressure applied to America’s unsuspecting young women in their formative years...'Embodi(ED)' was written and performed by Girl Be Heard Company Members, all of whom I stand up and cheer for. This is a play that society needs to see, to hear and to listen to. It is brave, overwhelming and on the money...See 'Embodi(ED)' you will be touched to ask the hardest question of all, how to stop this madness." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"An innovative, soul-immersive production that will challenge and inspire...Nothing short of breathtaking...Director Ashley Marinaccio, who shepherds the actors into a fluid, unified whole, has created an intricate production that is like spun gold. It brilliantly expands point by point to empower us to realize how fascist body images have a devastating impact on our society. From pacing, to the selection of variety acts, 'Embodi(ED)' is outstanding. " Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A remarkably poignant and important show...The incredible ensemble cast is made up of a dozen strong and beautiful actresses of varying shapes, sizes and colors, who also wrote and choreographed all 26 vignettes. The fact that these stories are so relatable is a testament to their skills as storytellers. It’s hard to highlight any one piece over another because they are all so powerful." Full Review

The Angry Redheaded Lawyer

"A very entertaining and insightful show with a powerful message worth listening to. The ladies in this piece are extremely talented and clearly you can see the work and effort put into this show. The choreography was impressive and on point, the acting and the telling of stories was pitch perfect and you could tell these performers cared...This show deserves serious praise for diversity in casting since mainstream media typically portrays eating disorders as a white, straight girl problem." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"Each vignette harnesses each writer’s strengths, including poetry, song, various forms of dance, and more traditional scenes and monologues. I found the dance segments particularly compelling: Beautifully executed by the company and smartly choreographed by Ian Stewart, the dance sections predominantly fuse classical ballet and modern techniques." Full Review

Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if You want to see young women accurately displaying issues of the female body within the media.

Don't see it if You're more of a fan of traditional plays (although this show is great regardless).

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