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En El Ojo De La Aguja (In The Eye Of The Needle)

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This contemporary, high tech tragicomedy offers a personal, social, and political exploration of conflict resolution (or the lack thereof). More…

From the show:

The deliberate avoidance of conflict or exchange of different points of view, can lead to isolation and alienation. In recent history, governments lack of attention to the needs of the needy, have resulted in not only uprisings, but forced displacements, unwelcome migrations, and a refugee crisis.

The patriarchal vision of the contemporary world, may also have a key role in the social crisis sprouting worldwide. The absence of ethics present us with a cruel, almost comedic landscape (due to an almost pathologic state of mind), where a "back to basics" call is required.

In a world where thought leaders are ostracized and killed while the brute and inhuman rise in control over the land, the environment, women’s and human rights…What is left?

Who will leave next?

When will we stop building walls to solve our problems?

When will we come out of our selfish caves to demand honesty, to create new ideas?

Will we be able to stop losing human kindness before the wall is up?

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