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Experimenting with Katz

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Set in Chicago in the midst of an unseasonable blizzard, this new comedy deals with issues of coming out, and its repercussions from family and friends. More…

Michael Katz has a problem: he’s just come out of the closet (again), and it’s not going particularly well. First, his mother shows up unexpectedly in the midst of a snowstorm to ambush him with (among other things) the daughter-in-law of her dreams. Then his best friend selfishly decides to start putting her own life above his (and it’s still snowing)! On top of everything, the one person who’s willing to put up with him is the only person he doesn’t want anything to do with (at least that’s what he keeps telling himself), leaving Michael to wonder, is this really the course of true love, or is it some social experiment gone horribly wrong? And why won’t it stop snowing?!!

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Funny, Great acting, Clever, Entertaining, Delightful
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Absorbing, Great writing, Great acting, Resonant, Funny

See it if You like really smart , insightful comedy about family and coming out. Brilliant characters and actors

Don't see it if If you’re just soooo anti gay that you can’t deal with the subject and if that be the case perhaps you should see this play.

Must-see / highly recommend, Near-perfect staging / good lighting, Well-written / very funny / bit moving, Great ensemble / excellent performances, Resonant / absorbing / relevant

See it if you like a strong ensemble, excellently directed, that spews spot-on acting w/near-perfect comedic timing (plus a giant drag-queen to boot).

Don't see it if you can't deal w/anything GLBTQ; moms who can't deal w/the gayness of their offspring; the makings of a gay love-story; giant drag-queens.

Also We all know the story; seen it done many times.... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Funny

See it if you want to see a funny play about a 35 year old man with plenty of neuroses and issues.

Don't see it if you don't want to see another "coming out" play.

Also The play is way too long. It's 2 1/2 hours and needs to be cut. The ma... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Funny, Great acting, Intelligent, Delightful

See it if you want to see what Neil Simon would have written if he had been gay. If you liked Torch Song Trilogy.

Don't see it if difficult mother/gay son relationships are uncomfortable for you.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if You like as many laughs in 2 hrs as Neil Simon ever got, an entire cast w/ godlike comic timing, and dozens of scenes managed with elegance.

Don't see it if You're offended by gay characters, PG-14 rated jokes, or the idea that some parents still refuse to accept their children's sexuality.

Also The laughs are a little exhausting, and I suspect the next production ... Read more Read less

Resonant, Great writing, Clever, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy a well written well acted play. Funny, poignant, with well developed characters. I found myself laughing out-loud. I recommend it.

Don't see it if if you don't have a sense of humor, cannot relate to complex relationships, or have an issue with a gay love story.

Also Although, I seldom review things I feel this play is worth taking the ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Entertaining, Intense, Thought-provoking, Delightful

See it if this is a thought provoking show of love and understanding. At times it is very intense and at times it is very funny. A must see .

Don't see it if If you have a problem with humor and intensity, Love and understanding and compassion, or dealing with a gay culture

Absorbing, Great writing, Great acting, Funny, Masterful

See it if You want to laugh, connect, and grow with humanity.

Don't see it if If you’re not open, compassionate, and can’t absorb the evolution of humanity.

Also Talk about inspiring, new, game-changing, stories. Experimenting with ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Great acting, Funny

See it if You want to see terrific performances and a romantic comedy and family drama about coming out.

Don't see it if This theme feels dated or tired. The power is in the specific spin that Gill puts on the play.

Entertaining, Funny, Romantic, Clever, Quirky

See it if You enjoy new comedies by talented playwrights, over the top characters including a wonderful gender illusionist and enjoy a good laugh.

Don't see it if If you don't enjoy romantic comedies or shows that revolve around gay characters.

Clever, Funny, Thoughful

See it if you're in for amusing evening. Characters made us laugh and the story provided a thought provoking look at coming out from several sides.

Don't see it if you are not into hilarious drag queens.

Clever, Funny, Great writing, Relevant

See it if you want to see a well-written, charming and funny show with good acting and relatable characters

Don't see it if you want a serious drama, or don't like quirky comedies with queer themes.

During previews
Funny, Cliched, Great acting, Indulgent

See it if The show is snappy and moves along quickly enough. Lots of laughter.

Don't see it if You don’t want to see yet another show about the oppression of the gay community via ignorant family. We’ve seen this show many times before

Also I hate to harp on the premise but I’m finding myself thinking I’m more... Read more Read less

During previews
Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Great staging, Relevant

See it if You're a fan of snappy, clever dialogue and memorable characters.

Don't see it if You've an issue with gay theater or coming out stories.

Also A very witty absorbing play about a mensch-y guy who has to come out t... Read more Read less

During previews
Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Great acting

See it if You enjoy good theatre, great acting, and a story that resonates with all of us, no matter our sexual orientation.

Don't see it if you don’t have a sense of humor or don’t like longer plays.

During previews
Quirky, Insipid, Banal

See it if If you want to see a bloated time capsule piece.

Don't see it if You’d like to see an import play about gay identity. This was funny at times but very tough to sit through 2.5 hours of it.

Also Gill has an ear for dialogue but show needs work to be a compelling ev... Read more Read less

During previews
Delightful, Hilarious, Profound, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if Highly recommend seeing this hilarious and wonderfully written play dealing with coming out, acceptance and love. Everyone will enjoy it!!!

Don't see it if The gay theme is an issue.

During previews
Delightful, Great acting, Intelligent, Must see

See it if You want to see a great play that fully engages you. It has the perfect balance of comedy and touching moments!

Don't see it if you are in a rush since it runs long.

During previews
Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Great writing, Great acting

See it if you like a fresh comical take on navigating impediments on the road to love. Perceptive, witty; an ensemble of memorable characters.

Don't see it if you do not enjoy the well turned phrases, farcical situations and tenderness of a Preston Sturges film.

During previews
Must see, Hilarious, Great writing, Clever, Delightful

See it if A must see for the great writing, directing and acting. The cast keeps you in fits of laughter and find humor even in the poignant moments.

Don't see it if You aren’t in the mood to laugh or have a great time.

Also My first Off Broadway show and I was very impressed with the acting, w... Read more Read less

October 4th, 2018
"Gill expertly writes each character as three dimensional, giving each complex backgrounds, making it clear that each benefits from knowing the others. A mundane Scrabble game is as revealing as Truth or Dare. Phone calls uncover the wonderful interdependencies of this group. The biggest delight ...
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September 30th, 2018
"Gill hasn’t quite merged his characters and themes into a cohesive whole, and he needs to acquaint himself with the Delete key...But he knows how to make us laugh, and, a few contrivances notwithstanding, care a little, too...The saving graces: Gill writes funny, with a keen ear for contemporary...
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